First Sergeant NCOER Bullets

See also: Initial Counseling for First Sergeant

o worked with the community's youth as a positive role model; instilled the highest of morals in them, demonstrated his devotion to the future of the Nation

o focused on training and operational, administrative, and logistical readiness; established himself as a top notch NCO in the 2nd Infantry Brigade

o emphasized safety during AT 22, resulting in zero accidents nor incident on the performance of Gunnery Event

o conducted a command-directed urinalysis sweep; identified, processed and expedited 5 discharges; sustained readiness

o investigated resources during a family crisis; uncovered family life insurance benefits for a Company member

o deployed as First Sergeant for Expeditionary Task Force; oversaw lodging, morale and redeployment of both C130 squadron and attached C21 flight

o processed an emergency leave and two early releases; facilitated efficient and rapid administrative operations

o managed the AP's billeting, contracts, and service for 678 personnel from a variety of organizations; filled overlooked shortfalls and restored operations

o overhauled the AP's billeting procedures and rewrote the SOP, ordered and installed pedestrian signs, and supervised two SMs assigned to the office

o effective counselor; reclaimed the allegiance and efforts of misguided Soldiers; highest reenlistment rate in Bn

o warned barracks occupants continuously of drinking and driving consequences; prevented fatalities and mission, lowest DUI rate in 7 years

o proactive and inclusive counselor; guided members to productive, rewarding activities; limited opportunities for failure, maximized success

o prepared members for deployment with meticulous review of private, family, and business concerns; improved readiness and morale

o took control of habitual discipline problem soldier and recommended and expedited separation; restored order, unit morale in less than 30 days

o stressed career development, resulted in 11 Soldiers within the Company enrolling in college courses

o stressed safety and defensive driving on and off duty which resulted in zero POV and GOV accidents within the company; best in the battalion

o acted as company commander and command sergeant major during their absences with no degradation in operations or mission accomplishment

o conducted comprehensive company training which led to the company receiving a commendable rating in training during the Brigade Inspection

o mandated weekend safety briefings at all levels; reduced incidence of loss or injury by 40%

o conducted NCODP on NCOERs and professional development; ensured standards were applied equally and fairly

o executed duties with complete professionalism while producing outstanding results; excelled in every assigned and implied task

o performed an integral role as the 1SG; his leadership, expertise and high standards had a profound impact on the Squadron's ability to function over his tenure

o consistently sought out by Seniors, peers and subordinates for career advice; resulted in one Airman becoming Warrant Officer and Soldier becoming a Lieutenant

o superbly managed and supported the pre-deployment training and preparation of 154 Joint Service Members and their associated equipment for OEF and OND

o strictly adhered to insist/assist philosophy; never gave a hand-out, but always a hand-up (13B, Acting Bn CSM)

o implemented a rigorous Special Emphasis PRT program that removed 12 Soldiers from the Army Body Composition Program (25W)

o performed an exceptionally integral role in the (unit) as the acting First Sergeant; leadership, expertise and high standards had a profound impact on the (unit's) ability to function effectively over the course of his tenure

o created a homogeneous production environment which resulted in numerous unit commendations for excellence

o maintained the highest levels of this unit's cohesion and preparedness

Fort Bragg Main gate

o followed up on all paperwork and made sure all warriors had proper badges for assigned duties

o planned and oversaw the Brigade change of command ceremony, saved hundreds of dollars by drafting in-house assistance

o balanced the duties and responsibilities of both a Company First Sergeant and Brigade Intelligence Section NCOIC; vital to the success of the 2IBCT Brigade S2 Section

o dedicated to soldier development, learning, and leadership; was pivotal in the success of the 847th Human Resource Company's successful implementation of the Virtual Battle Assemblies

o facilitated the development of the Virtual Battle Assembly (VBA) training plans; enabled adoption of new technology while maintaining standards

o served two consecutive tours as company 1SG and served as acting CDR for two Annual Training periods for the 415th CA BN; preserved and sustained readiness

o met regularly with NCOICs to stay abreast of personnel needs and family concerns

o increased unit mobilization readiness and enhanced intelligence production support to the Command

o orchestrated a successful and well-attended Brigade Dining out with a turnout of over 200 people

o supervision produced a yearly IDT attendance rate of 95% and a yearly organizational readiness rate of 92%

o served as Acting Command Sergeant Major; maintained the readiness and cohesion of his Battalion

o facilitated counseling and maintained Soldier confidentiality during difficult situations until resolved

o maturity and judgement was instrumental in preventing sensitive issues from affecting unit morale

o ensured all Company inventories were scheduled and completed

o instituted daily inspections to guarantee all vehicles were kept mission-capable and ready to roll

o delivered support on time and on target despite numerous obstacles

o motivated Bn members to take care of their equipment; regular maintenance reduced issue delays

o identified lack of administrative support for Soldiers and worked with Commander to expand office capability

o provided discipline and motivation for section leaders; eliminated personnel problems and restored harmony to Bn

o assisted NCOICs with section management; overcame personality conflicts with intra-unit transfers and counseling

o initiated discharge process for chronic disciplinary problem; removed from office and restored team spirit

o prosecuted barracks violations rather than ignore them; barracks inspections rarely necessary now

o assigned NCOs to mentor and develop lower enlisted and junior NCOs and monitored their progress (35X5M)

o fostered open, candid, and frequent communications between command and all Bn members

o ensured all personnel assigned received mandatory training

o awarded the Signal Corps Bronze Order of Mercury for his dedication and outstanding service as a First Sergeant in diverse Unit

o organized a three day Brigade Leadership Conference which resolved many support shortfalls and formalized tenant unit agreements for the first time

o developed events schedule for annual conference and coordinated with dozens of outside agencies to fill all briefing slots and arranged attendance by appropriate audiences and down trace units

o participated in 8 gunneries and shot distinguished in all of them

o served two consecutive tours as company 1SG within the BN; served as Acting CDR for two Annual Training periods

o mentored and trained the Top Gun in four separate gunneries

o ran 5 Brigade level gunneries and was directly responsible for the Battalion having an 85% first time go rate

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