Forward Signal Support NCO NCOER Bullets

o designed a telecommunication network which included a secure net for secret e-mail transfer of information, tactical mission planning, and reporting

o configured and established a remote network using a VSAT in support of the Medical Wing's Emergency JOC deployment plan

o anticipated comm interruptions and ensured the Automated Net Control Device (ANCD) was updated with current and future crypto for comsec change over

o trained over 100 Rangers on multiple communications equipment which helped the unit communicate more effectively

o set up the 3-156 Battalion TAC and enabled communication with soldiers in the field

o ran and terminated all tactical fiber cables from the JNN to the brigade TOC

o maintained accountability for 123 items of radio equipment resulting in total equipment recovery at exercise completion

o increased the BDE's and forward combat units' communication capability

o provided mobile support to five units and organizations and coordinated a passback mission

o contributed to the effectiveness and ultimate success of US European Command (USEUCOM) Cyber Endeavor 2020

o assigned as the ADAB Signal Site NCOIC due to his performance with CPN, ENEC duties, and both the SMART-T and SNAP


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