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Unit Historian NCOER Bullets

o acted as unit historian during ECT 2016 and captured over 300 photographs and videos in order to memorialize our training

o displayed the utmost diligence and commitment by sorting, categorizing, and chronologically organizing the unit's history

o as the unit Historian, she completed five Command chronologies that accurately recorded the historical achievements of the entire Battalion

o as a certified military historian, he imparted to every student, an infectious interest and patriotic zeal through his story-telling methods of reliving historic battles

o bolstered unit morale through his duties as Historian, archiving over 20 Company events, and directly contributing to the spirit of the unit

o was a contributing author of the Command History which was recognized by the United States Army Center of Military History (CMH)

o published articles of unit support comprised of mission transition and key historical events

o lauded by the Command Historian for her tireless efforts in reorganizing the Organizational archives

o recognized by the Center for Military History (CMH) for organizing the best Joint military history conference to date

o revived a stale organizational history program and ordered all existing citations for the first time

o established and maintained our organizational history program, exceeding the requirements of AR 870-5

o improved unit morale and cohesion by publishing a brief chronologicl history of unit accomplishments

o inspired Soldiers and gave them pride in their profession by highlighting the unit's record of respected accomplishments

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