Initiative NCOER Bullets

o exercised initiative, executed missions without orders; kept training on track while continually assessing impact

o on his own initiative, revised in-shop procedures to reduce returns due to quality

o assessed the situation and initiated appropriate action without guidance

o followed up on all missions; maintained most accurate and complete situational awareness; poised for action

o took the initiative to improve work center readiness rates

o exploited local, overlooked resources to repair the Shower facility; repaired 3 weeks ahead of estimate

o focused on longest standing maintenance issues without being told; reduced backlog by 30%

o mature; the only troop that asks if there is anything that needs to be done; reduced handovers at shift change by 50 percent

o identified unforseen and unrecognized problems and developed proposed alternatives that will be presented at next conference

o exercised initiative repeatedly in the absence of orders from higher elements; judgement proved sound

o dependable and fearless; can be relied on to accurately assess circumstances and develop actions to address any shortfalls

o acted without supervision to restore power; our most reliable and capable technician

o identified obstacles to meeting deadline and eliminated them one by one

o looked for opportunities for improvement; volunteered for neglected additional duties

o used her own judgement and risked her reputation to prioritize and assign details; placed cell ahead of schedule

o worked behind the scenes to get shop ready for inspection; shared credit for success while taking the blame for errors

o brainstormed with cadre and developed alternative outsourcing that saved the unit over $40,000 a year

o developed a sense of loyalty, teamwork, and initiative in subordinates by trusting them with important aspects of the mission

o his initiative in accurately reporting durations and statuses of detainees refusing water and meals improved detainee safety

o continually took initiative to ensure four MRAPs and four HMMWVs were fully mission capable with little or no guidance

o her personal initiative and managerial skills overcame a number of manning and productions issues and met all requirements

o on his own initiative, he created a research group that helped increase knowledge of technical manuals, troubleshooting, and repair of military equipment

o taking the initiative, she not only completed Structured Self-Development Level (SSD) 1, but went further and completed SSD Level 3 before it became unavailable

o displayed initiative during many Battery and Battalion level events

o displayed competence by taking the initiative to research and outfit the company's vehicles with long range antennas; extended range by average of 5 miles

o demonstrated initiative in creating all medical policies and procedures for the newly activated Brigade; ensured all were prepared for any eventuality

o volunteered for short-notice 6-month deployment; sacrificed to support team efforts

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