Instructor & Trainer NCOER Bullets

o assisted in training and certifying 88 service members across the brigade in Combat Life Saver; preserved 12th Combat Aviation Brigade's ability to deploy and engage our enemies

o qualified himself on FSDD course subjects and taught the Common Faculty Development-Instructor Course; contributed to the qualification of 595 instructors

o selected for Drill Sergeant of the Cycle for Class 18-001 as a result of his unwavering commitment to Trainee development (19D/Drill Sergeant)

o consistently mentored his Soldiers to do their best; resulted in five Excellence in Armor awardees over two cycles (19D/Drill Sergeant)

o assumed responsibility for unit training and overcame obstacles to get the platoon 100% trained and qualified with military drivers licenses

o road-tested a 36-person platoon to qualify the entire unit and met deployment readiness goals

o selected by students and fellow staff for OCS instructor of the year due to competence, commitment and compassion toward the candidates' success

o trained over 150 soldiers in small arms marksmanship

o led the push for a Battalion Combatives program, producing ten level-2 certified Soldiers and countless level-1 certified Soldiers

o sought solutions for better instruction and encouraged feedback between instructors in order to improve the quality of instruction from the entire team

o his superior performance on STX Lane Evaluations produced competent execution by all squad members in the squad attack, ambush, react to contact, and react to near ambush missions

o her keen insight and innovation matched needed schools with key personnel and increased the unit's ability to perform its wartime mission

o demonstrated exceptional classroom professionalism and superior communication ability above and beyond his rank and experience

o his meticulous review and relentless followup increased unit METL compliance

o facilitated a 100% pass rate for all 12 of his recent AIT graduate students

o developed and implemented a Door Gunnery training plan based on the METL yielding a first-time Go on aerial door gunnery for the unit

o assisted with many other training requirements, increasing the deployment readiness of Echo DET 1 and its Soldiers

o projected self confidence, authority and enthusiasm

o he is consistently sought out by peers for his invaluable experience and was selected to serve as Platoon Sergeant over 18 soldiers during the absence of leadership

o developed and maintained over 100 scenarios for EST 2000, 50 scenarios for call for fire, and 50 scenarios for virtual convoy operations trainer

o took the lead in the preparation and execution of all ATEX operational requirements that related to Anti-Terrorism activities for 2015

o epitomized leadership through student achievement; produced four Distinguished Honor Graduates, four Honor Graduates and six Commandant's List recipients (13B/Small Group Leader)

o displayed sound judgement and performed above the standard in all his duties as the 11B 2/3/4 ITC Course Manager during Infantry proponent accredidation

o initiated fresh ideas for the branch by creating a weapons handbook for the 11B courses and created a Small Arms Range Layout for 11B MOS-T and ITC

o counseled 9 academically challenged students to instill study skills and discipline; all graduated on time

o delivered 124 hours of instruction and maintained 100% pass rate despite outside demands of students

o provided the Army with 125 newly qualified and capable technicians every two months

o volunteered for and completed CPR Instructor Training; provided training flexibility and alleviated shortage of CPR trainers

o top-notch instructor; taught/graduated 45 Soldiers over 1,000 hours of instruction with an impressive 85% average

o qualified two new instructors in the Maintenance Fundamentals course in minimum time, produced top-notch instructors that will benefit generations of maintainers

o #1 of 12 instructors, taught vehicle maintenance fundamentals with 100% pass rate and stellar 92% class average

o aggressive instructor; acquired interactive fault isolation troubleshooting program as teaching aid, improved course material

o taught over 1,200 hours and enhanced mission readiness capability of 30 operational units

o a subject matter expert, rewrote/validated 28 objectives and improved course material accuracy for 1,500 students

o guided 123 NCOs through 200 difficult hours of instruction, supported five divisions and directly impacted Global War on Terrorism

o filled in for two fellow instructors; provided 40 hours of additional training, alleviated instructor shortage

o boosted professional acumen; attended NCO seminar, enrolled in school; mentored 32 Soldiers with lessons learned

o completed 40-hour Instructional Skill Development Course; earned 2 credit hours, incorporated new skills into course revision

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