Maintenance Control Specialist NCOER Bullets

See also: Maintenance Supervisor NCOER Bullets

o demonstrated tremendous devotion and dedication to the unit's maintenance posture and overall unit readiness

o completed over 100 work orders and processed over $500,000 worth of repair parts and recoverable items

o exceeded the standard by maintaining an OR Rate above 90%

o accounted for and maintained Army equipment and cared for the welfare of Soldiers

o aided immeasurably in Co. B's passing numerous COMET and other inspections and consistently maintaining unit equipment readiness rates above a 90th percentile

o achieved a commendable rating, 90-100%, on his ability to use and maintain the Army Material Status System during the unit's annual OIP inspection

o earned a commendable rating for motor pool and shop operations

o contributed significantly to the overall success of the 2BCT maintenance program

o set up maintenance programs for six battalions and over sixty STAMIS systems

o served as Maintenance Manager, CSSAMO, and Maintenance Technician in the absence of these key leadership positions

o tracked over 1,000 pieces of equipment during fielding, ensuring subordinate, adjacent, and higher units always maintained an accurate depiction of readiness

o facilitated a constant Operational Readiness Rate of 97% or higher while supporting US Army Network Integration and Evaluation testing of 36 systems

o supported U.S. Army Network Integration and Evaluation testing of 38 systems resulting in over 25 systems being fielded during combat operations

o played a key role in the fielding of the Army's new GCSS-Army program for 38 UICs, 27 maintenance clerks, five supervisors and Maintenance Control specialists

o readily assumed the duties and responsibilities of a Maintenance Control Officer, a CW2 position, achieving excellent results

o flawlessly managed maintenance accountability of over 59,000 pieces of reportable equipment ensuring the battalion maintained maximum readiness for combat operations

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