Mayor Cell NCOER Bullet Examples

See also: Camp Commandant

o adapted and performed a variety of specialized tasks in an ever changing and stressful environment; a key factor in the success of the S2 section

o demonstrated the ability to adapt to evolving requirements and accomplish assigned tasks and duties

o tracked 1,000 to 12,000 U.S. and coalition Soldiers and sent weekly census reports to Garrison Command; recognized by HQ for increased accuracy and timeliness

o sought ways to improve the mayor cell continuously and performed missions outside of his MOS with skill, determination and excellence

o set up the comm system, including the Harris radio system; established fully operational Mayor's cell in shortest time to date

o served as an S2 Intelligence Analyst during the 199th BSB Garrison Command post mobilization deployment training

o earned Specialist rank during pre-mobilization

o coordinated 12 post-attack recovery sweeps for 6 functional areas; personnel 100% accounted for

o served as the Container Manager for Camp Striker and FOB Cropper, increased accuracy and availability by 30%

o completed SSD 1 course 30 days ahead of schedule while simultaneously qualifying for primary duties

o performed at a higher level to include exceptional performance during the Command Training Exercise

o set up the Mayor Cell MWR function and operated it

o exceeded expectations; monitored radios around-the-clock; zero unanswered calls

o oversaw operations; developed and implemented checklists; preparation streamlined launch of recovery team while tracking over 200 Soldiers

o relayed alarm conditions and MOPP levels; prepared unit for defense and sustained operations, vital to mission success

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