Mobilization NCO NCOER Bullets

o led the force generation of 240 Active and Reserve soldiers for stability operations in the Middle East; close coordination with units eliminated shortfalls

o developed, organized, and led the administrative support effort to ensure successful force generation; reduced readiness delays by 40%

o planned and executed 23 training events supporting a total of more than 400 Soldiers; increased Soldier confidence and improved interoperability

o collaborated effectively with multiple units in preparation for deployment including the 105th AW, First Army O/CTs, 160th TSSB, and 151th ESB

o ensured all RSP Soldiers were medically and administratively prepared; facilitated a 98% ship rate for the Detachment, a new record

o mobilized over 300 personnel and 15 tons of equipment; proactive efforts ensured no losses and guaranteed the success of four deployments

o tracked 20 UTCs and 212 personnel and provided up-to-date readiness statuses to Commander daily; enabled GWOT support

o coordinated 5 unscheduled aerovac flights to provide OIF/OEF wounded Soldiers with timely critical care

o reviewed After Action Reports and lessons learned from previous deployments; instituted measures to avoid past shortfalls

o anticipated and scheduled training to ensure deployment readiness; became only unit to meet all administrative and medical readiness requirements

o organized and prepared the unit for redeployment and reintegration into central region upon completion of their 15 month deployment; sustained zero loss of accountabilty

o prepared the unit for deployment and assumption of mission in the assigned AOR; boots arrived fully equipped, trained, and ready to join mission

o provided instruction while preparing units and personnel for deployment across the brigade; his efforts were vital to the evaluation and certification of the brigade for deployment

o developed and managed short- and long-range planning calendars for the Battalion; provided increased visibilty of operational and strategical goals

o coordinated with MEDCOM, JAG, CIED Trainers, and EST staff for 11 field-specific training events; poised unit for success in pre-mobilization efforts

o supervised the successful deployment and redeployment of 29 individuals ISO worldwide contingency operations; achieved goals while remaining poised for evolving missions

o synchronized the deployment of the Company in support of OEF while simultaneously setting the conditions for a smooth redeployment and reintegration

o educated Soldiers on deployment requirements and provided long-range schedule; minimized family disruption for 300 soldiers and their families

o partnered with medical personnel to ensure medical readiness; identified deficiencies and corrected them before warning order

o attended all leadership meetings; kept Soldiers updated on changes to the deployment schedule and guaranteed his section was ahead of schedule and poised for future events

o coordinated supplies and logistical support for the deployed unit; proactive efforts increased team operational ability

o managed $1.5 million in vehicles, weapons, and support equipment; maintained positive control of all squad equipment during mobilization and deployment

o coordinated with supported units to determine and obtain required training; reduced delays for new arrivals by 75%

o trained over 100 Soldiers from Fort Polk on Detention Operations and Combatives Level I in support of deployment to OIF/OEF

o emphasized safety during re-deployment operations; unit experienced no injuries or loss of equipment during difficult transition

o coordinated transfer of M40 protective masks for 219th MP Bn pre-deployment tactical training; increased deployment readiness

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