Air Defense Enhanced Early Warning System Operator
NCOER Bullets

o demonstrated a knowledge of Early Warning Systems far beyond the operator level; contributed to the success of the 1-7 Air Defense Artillery's missile defense mission

o trained with every part of the crew during MIGS Table VIII in preparation for the Detachment 9 deployment; led to the success of Crew 93 Table VIII certification

o supported the 32d Army Air Missile Defense Command update; maintained the most up to date aerial data on their forward deployed assets across the Afghanistan AOR

o ensured every C-RAM FOB location was depicted correctly; provided the 32d AAMDC command team the most accurate operating picture

o tasked six Overhead Persistent Infrared sensors; provided early warning of over 1,000 battlespace awareness events and 1,100 missile events to coalition ally

o revised tasking procedures for crew members; drove improved sensor allocation and increased battlespace awareness and technical intelligence collections

o provided leadership and knowledge that was reflected in a successful field and tactical operation; demonstrated the ability to adapt to any situation given to him

o maintained focus under pressure; enabled optimized sensor collection during a no-notice launch from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

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