MOS 14Z ADA Senior Sergeant NCOER Bullets

o selected to serve as the senior fire support representative in the SOTF Tactical Operations Center

o tracked, controlled, and managed fire support assets required for SOTF operations; improved coordination and operations

o led the 2/120th FA through an arduous Field Artillery reset training program, resulting in increased readiness

o filtered and relayed time-sensitive information to provide information necessary for immediate Command and Control and fire support

o developed a training plan that leveraged instructional assistance from the Regional Training Institute and the organic unit leadership

o ensured the Commander had constant, pertinent, and actionable information immediately upon request

o led troops to success; improved their command medical and dental metrics up to 90%; ensured unit was healthy and deployable

o managed all day-to-day operations for the battalion's armory and its NCOs and Officers

o his preparation and planning were key to the success of JCS exercise Cobra Gold

o ensured operational planning and critical missions were completed to standard and with success

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