MOS 17B Cyber and Electronic Warfare Officer

o worked diligently in the BN S6 as a help desk specialist; efforts produced a tangible, positive impact on battalion readiness

o provided unwavering assistance to Panel Operations; met or exceeded the demanding standards of support

o exhibited exceptional proficiency in promptly addressing technical difficulties faced by Panel Moderators and Members during the assessment and voting processes

o conducted numerous tactical exercises; fostered the development of techniques, strategies, and protocols within his realm of responsibility

o played a pivotal role in establishing an astonishing response time of less than one minute; poised for effective cyber defense

o oversaw the operation and maintenance of the J6 Cyber Security office; ensured the efficiency of 120 SIPR Token issuances for active and reserve personnel

o prepared Soldiers for their roles during the cyber security exercise with minimal down time to VSE and SIPR access


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