MOS 19D Cavalry Scout NCOER Examples

Cavalry Scout on patrol

Senior Scout

o selected to serve as Senior Scout for a cavalry platoon assisting the platoon sergeant on all platoon functions and missions enabled by the commander

Section Sergeant

o his proficiency on all crew weapons systems greatly contributed in the overall training and success of four Soldiers during Unstablelized Gunnery Skills Testing

o highly proficient NCO consistently sought by the platoon leadership to accomplish all varieties of tasks and missions

o displayed his technical and tactical knowladge by becoming lead trainer of the troop dismount lanes

o his stern but fair leadership style resulted in a strong, proficent and confident scout section

o direct leadership and mentoring led to one of his Soldiers to be selected for promotion from the rank of SGT to SSG

o constantly accomplished all duties with great accuracy and timeliness while stressing mission readiness

o maintained 100% accountability of $2 million worth of equipment during a troop training exercise, Scout gunnery and one change of command

o direct supervision and adherence to Army and Post regulations directly led to the training of his section with zero accidents or safety incidents during rated period

o always placed mission accomplishment and loyalty to the platoon above his own

SFC Manuel, Jacque

Operations NCO 19DJ3

o led from the front on all assigned tasks and was always willing to hear input from his Soldiers; performance merited recognition from the Squadron Commander

o kept his Soldiers informed of all upcoming events

o ensured that the Troop Training Room personnel stayed up to date with all Troop records; his diligence ensured that inspections were quick and painless

o selected by Squadron leadership to train and evaluate a sister unit to conduct the Gunner Skills Test; established a logical and knowledgeable training process

o prepared 45 Soldiers to conduct unstabilized wheeled vehicle gunnery; facilitated an increased level of combat lethality within the Troop

o trained 35 Soldiers to conduct Bradley Gunnery; diligently assisted the civilian contracted instructors to ensure that the Bradley crews were trained on new equip

o maintained 100% accountability of all assigned property in excess of seven million dollars; stressed accountability to his Soldiers

o ensured that his Soldiers conducted missions efficiently with an emphasis on safety

o accepted responsibility for his actions and those of his subordinates

Operations NCO 19D30J3

o coordinated directly with higher Headquarters for all Troop level ranges, training, and ammunition requirements

o graduated from the Bradley Master Gunner's Course; subsequently selected to be the Troop Master Gunner due to his ability to work with minimal guidance and oversight

o established a Troop level tracking system to ensure training resources were scheduled 13 weeks out; ensured requested resources met the Commander's intent


o served as Scout Driver during Annual training FY16

o improved Squadron Gunnery Tables 2 through 6 by assisting as a TCE, Training on Table Tops, and assisting as a qualified Master Gunner to A TRP and B TRP

o helped his company facilitate the movement from JSS Mayson to COS Garry Owen to improve their quality of life

o demonstrated rare discipline and initiative that exceeded his responsibilities

Spc Joe took great pride in the care and upkeep of his assigned equipment. He spent countless hours ensuring that his assigned vehicle was in top 10-20 standards. Through his attention to detail, SPC Joe's vehicle often was singled out as the best HMMWV in his section. His dedication to maintenance ensured that his vehicle and equipment were fully mission capable for any given mission.


o attention to detail, enthusiasm, and indomitable spirit was instilled in his peers

o his knowledge and willingness gave him the ability to fill any position in the squad

o proved indispensable as an ICV Gunner during the 5/2ID (SBCT) unit NTC rotation

o proficient as a gunner, he completed the mission with little guidance from his superiors

o maintained situational awareness during 30 kilometer patrols and provided essential security and intelligence to the unit

o was instrumental in training members of the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force during Operation Rising Warrior 2012

o escorted over 200 vehicles throughout the theater of operation

o deterred insurgent attacks and maintained the safety of the team

Dismounted Team Leader

o maintained and accounted for over $1,000,000 dollars' worth of equipment as if was his own

o served continuously as the point entry man while clearing villages during Apache troop's MOUT operations

o ensured maintenance and services were up to date on all of his equipment resulting in no deficiencies

o devoted endless hours of work to the unit and assisted the First Sergeant and Commander to prepare the unit for 9-month deployment to the ARCENT AOR in support of Operation Spartan Shield

o demonstrated effective soldier skills: ensured his sectors of fire were covered and proper techniques were implemented, ensuring the survivability of the platoon

o served as a Dismounted Team Leader in a Cavalry Squadron assigned to Apache Troop, 4th Squadron, 10 th Cavalry Regiment

o completed a rotation to the National Training Center

o served as an example of diligent leadership and embodied the finest qualities of a Cavalry Trooper, creating a lasting impression for other Soldiers to emulate

Squad Leader

o developed a solid physical fitness routine while deployed, which lead to two PT failures passing the APFT with an average of 240 points

o displayed great mental toughness under extreme pressure after being struck by two IED's

o holds nightly study groups for Battalion Soldier of the month boards and promotion boards

o effectively intergrated himself and his Soldiers with sister unit to become a cohesive and effective route clearance team

o trained and tested three Bradley crews on SGST, setting them up to achieve three first time go's; one qualifying with a disinguished rating

Section Sergeant

o chosen among two of his peers to conduct advon redeployment operations, paving the way for Headquarters and Headquarters Company, ensuring a smooth transition

o performed the duties and responsibilities of the PSG on several occasions; allowing the platoon to continue operations in the PSG's absence

o his tactical training allowed the platoon to complete multiple air insertion missions on short notice at NTC 09-01 and STALLION Rampage with outstanding results

Cavalry Scouts on patrol

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