MOS 21E Construction Equipment Operator NCOER Bullets

MOS 21E Heavy Equipment Operator

Team Leader

o assistant site supervisor building an entry control point in Taji, Iraq moving over 400 Alaskan barriers

o supervised inventories during change of command that were completed with 100% accuracy

o provided remedial training on the controls on each piece of equipment to Soldiers; improved operations effectiveness and safety

Heavy Equipment Operator

o performed daily PMCS, services and road tests to ensure and maintain a 99% equipment readiness rate

o his emphasis on safety resulted in his team logging over 3,500 accident-free hours of equipment operation during deployment in Afghanistan

o cleared over 20 acres of woods with the D7 dozer to build a forward operating base at fort Polk

o constructed two types of tank defilades, both below ground and above ground, to facilitate tank maneuverability

o assisted with completion of medical staff holding area; rennovated living quarters and dug trenches for plumbing pipes

o trained peers in Dozer operations which increased effectiveness of RCP 2's Route Clearance Operations

o aided numerous maintenance and repair projects that kept the roads open and traffic flowing on RMTC

o as Kalmar operator, transported over 70 pieces of equipment and provided exceptional support to the CRSYARD

o hauled over 100 truck loads of soil; loaded 300 trucks with soil with a 2 1/2 loader

o delivered outstanding performance on the grader during final grade that contributed 50% completion of the project

Backhoe Loader

o operated backhoe loader, excavated 5 bunkers and a system of interlocking trenches during Operation VERTICAL STRIKE; key to operation success

o learned each phase of the construction project at AT; demonstrated drive and determination and pushed the project along to meet a fast paced schedule

o moved 1500 cubic yards of sand; helped MCT improve operations and reduced risk for contractors at K crossing

o supervised a Squad of 9 Soldiers while pouring 120 cubic yards of concrete; produced five sidewalks, five drain spouts, one dumpster pad, one driveway, and one approach for the Fargo Maintenance Shop

o stood up four kilometers of HESCO barriers; improved security and completed ahead of schedule

o signed for a D7R Dozer, M983A4 LET and M870A1 trailer; maintained and accounted for the equipment and the BII by weekly PMCS

o dependable team member; volunteered for details when no else would: fuel detail, water detail and latrine detail

o contributed to the effectiveness and success of projects Triad TOC and Motorpool 22, while operating and maintaining over $500,000 worth of equipment and material

o contributed to the Platoon's success in airfield site operations during SP245 and SP078 projects

o provided over 200 hours on dozers, graders, scrapers and the HYEX, BHL and bomag during Fort Riley Airfield project

o cleared and grubbed over 100 meters of trees and shrubs and laid over 200 meters of concertina wire and pickets

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