Crane Operator NCOER Bullets

o supervised three LN crane operators and directed them in placing Alaskan and T-Wall barriers around the base; improved Anti-terrorism and Force Protection by 75%

o oversaw the moving of two Alaskan barriers from the the DV pad to the Army's "Blackjack" Compound in preparation for the Secretary of Defense visit to Kirkuk Regional Air Base

o conducted crane training sessions for the battalion; certified 23 equipment operators and expanded pool of licensed and qualified crane operators by over 50%

o provided guidance to younger Soldiers on proper sling loading operations using the M1084 crane that was instrumental in delivering mortars to HHT

o helped complete the Army Corps of Engineers and Task Force NCA Motor Pool Parking Lot and Drainage Project

o led team to success during the company's Squad STX and WTT evaluations on Schofield Barracks East Range

o facilitated the delivery of ammunition to ranges while at Camp Shelby during Annual Training; key factor in mission success of 2nd Squadron, 108th Cavalry Regiment

o trained Soldiers on the responsibilities and functions of all positions, from ground guides and safeties to rail and ship loading by crane, to daily TOC operations

o served as a team leader while assigned to the 2nd Engineer Battalion, 595th SAPPER Company; contributed to successful pre deployment training

o prioritized training of engineer tactics for his team to ensure optimal performance during two deployment tours with 595th SAPPER company

MOS 21F Crane Operator

o his team received 90% go on basic soldier and squad engineer tasks from Medical, Commo, and Weapons to emplacing road craters, MOPMS mine fields and wire obstacles

o responded to a 1,200 gallon tanker truck spill at the primary Entry Control Point; removed, replaced over 100 tons of contaminated soil and restored operations

o served as one of the TF EBAAT subject matter experts; trained over 100 Afghan Soldiers on maintenance procedures of 9 types of Heavy Construction Equipment

o monitored and tracked over 800 containers, consisting of 9,000 lbs net weight of ammunition

o loaded two TAC containers, a HMMWV, and the Radio-In-A-Box (FM radio station) trailer onto trucks for transportation to Gamberi Garrison

o operated a fork lift to help move tri-wall boxes into storage containers in preparation for the TAC's relocation to Gamberi Garrison

o attended hydraulic crane school recertification and graduated with top honors

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