21G Quarrying Specialist NCOER Bullets

MOS 21G Quarrying Equipment

o supervised the Tobacco Leaf Lake Construction Project; ensured his platoon exceeded State and Federal standards of construction

o provided direction and project management; made vital contribution to the platoon's mission to support the 502nd Multi-role Bridging Company

o cleared and grubbed over 200 square meters of trees, rock, and mounds of dirt; poised engineers for construction project success

o hauled over 160 loads of dirt, rock and debris; met schedule requirements despite manning being at 50 percent

o helped place over 1,000 HESCO bastions and moved over 2,000 cubic yards of dirt to fill them in less than 60 days, increased security at FOB Wolverine

o trained over 100 Afghan Soldiers on the care and maintenance procedures for 9 different types of Heavy Construction Equipment

o performed daily PMCS, services and road tests which maintained readiness of the equipment at 99%

o integral to the clearing phase to build the forward operating base for the 509th infantry

o constructed two types of tank defilades, both below ground and above ground for successful tank maneuverability

o conducted D7 operations to successfully clear 20+ acres in 48 hours

o trained peers in the proper way to conduct Dozer operations

o expertly maneuvered his team in both day and night iterations of the Squad Live Fire Exercise

o augmented the security detail and increased security for senior leaders operating in forward areas

o served as Battalion Dispatcher and supported operations for units in the Horn of Africa

o maintained the integrity of 42 pieces of Civil Engineer Support Equipment (CESE)

o tracked 5,500 miles of CESE movement and oversaw the consumption of 4,050 gallons of fuel valued at $11,000

o kept conveyor and equipment up to 10/20 maintenance levels

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