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Construction Equipment Operator

o filled 250 linear feet of hesco barriers using the the 5-Yard Loader

o deconstructed 11 structures and over 200 linear feet of HESCO barriers in less than a week; our best hydraulic excavator operator

o finished the FOB Orgun-E project ahead of schedule; involvement made the difference

o logged over 150 hours of incident-free operation

o developed and implemented preventive maintenance checks that resulted in the best available rate in the Bn

o displayed wide experience as daily operator of Husky, VMC1 Gizmo, VMR2 Mine hound, DSP27 Goldie, and Thor

o operated all route clearance detection equipment and increased freedom of maneuver exponentially

o expert use of route clearing equipment expanded area of safe operation by 50 square miles

o cross trained over 30 Soldiers in engineer qualification tables

o assumed responsibility for the workload of three full-time non-commissioned officers with limited outside support

o augmented the security detail and increased security for senior leaders operating in forward areas

o served as Battalion Dispatcher and supported operations for units in the Horn of Africa

o key factor in the success of the BSB-North, ASG-KU Post Lighting detail and the safety and security of personnel and property stationed at Camp Buehring, KU

o maintained the integrity of 42 pieces of Civil Engineer Support Equipment (CESE)

o tracked 5,500 miles of CESE movement and oversaw the consumption of 4,050 gallons of fuel valued at $11,000

o trained subordinates on proper ammunition sling loading operations using the M1084 crane

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