MOS 21M, Firefighter NCOER Bullets

MOS 21M Firefighter

Fire Brigade Officer In Charge

o demonstrated wide range of technical knowledge in all aspects of Technical Rescue

o motivates his peers when faced with technical resuce challenges

o led over 50 firefighters in excess of 1,000 hours of effective firefighter and emergency response training

o selected as lead firefighter during Bright Star exercise; coordinated interservice response and enhanced fire fighting readiness

o his courageous and decisive leadership facilitated the Fire Brigade's appropriate actions during more than 20 emergency calls

o ensured fire protection for over 3,000 joint service personnel and over $1,000,000 in infrastructure and equipment; ensured uninterrupted operations

o implemented rigorous preventive maintenance checks and service program that extended the life of and increased the readiness of all Fire Brigade equipment and apparatuses

o served as the acting OIC for the Camp Eggers Volunteer Fire Brigade, Kabul, Afghanistan

Range Fire Fighting Supervisor

o as primary member of the Small Arms Range Fire Fighting Team, extinguished numerous fires and prevented the destruction of over 1,000 acres of brush, trees and wildlife


o served as pumper operator during Black Forest, CO fire incident; protected 11,000 homes from damage

o our go-to authority on all aspects of Technical Rescue retraining

o motivates peers and subordinates when confronted with technical resuce situations

o serviced 150 fire extinguishers in barracks on personal time; increased safety, readiness

o trained all personnel on alarm room procedures and certified 6 dispatchers, increasing readiness by 50%

o prepared for and ensured success during the command inventory at YTC

o entered and corrected supply documentation and information to ensure the 907th was fully mission capable

o tracked condition of and repairs to post fire alarm systems, maintained a stellar 98% in-commission status

o conducted all duties without compromise and possessed unstoppable drive to accomplish the task at hand

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