21P Power Production Specialist NCOER Bullets

Prime Power Production

o assisted in mounted security for over 10 Key Leader Engagements in RC-North; multiplied combat effectiveness

o acted/served as the platoon Sergeant for over 2 years; demonstrated concern for all Soldiers by ensuring positive weekly contact

o maintained one Buffalo, one Husky with generation II GPR and three Mine Resistant Armored Protected (MRAP) vehicles

o planned and executed squad qualification tables at the company FTX in preparation for NTC rotation

o provided uninterrupted optimal power for critical systems contributing to Operation FREEDOMS SENTINEL

o his focus on training resulted in 100% of first platoon soldiers being assessed as trained in all METL tasks

o set up and maintained continuous power generation services on twenty 60-kilowatt generators at 9 Land-based Phalanx Weapons Systems (LPWS) and 8 10-kilowatt generators at two Sentinel Sites

o served as the platoon EOCA and Blow-in-Place (BIP) expert during NTC rotation, identifying and neutralizing all IEDs encountered

o performed over 90 services to keep the company's generators continuously mission ready

o responded to 12 hour electrical outage and coordinated generator support, prioritized requirements, and restored power, comm and mission support

o participated in over 30 Route Clearance Patrols, clearing over 2,000 kilometers of roads and ensuring the safety of over 10,000 coalition members

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