MOS 21S Topographic Surveyor
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o led survey mission on one of the biggest projects in OIR during 2023-2024; spent 150 hours correcting mistakes in points and designs

o surveyed 90 acres for the completion of projects; staked out 6000 points over four months; laid foundation for future expansion

o led a six person team to complete 5 surveys for planned range expansion and drainage and erosion control

o surveyed and renewed survey markers for over 500 acres of government land

o ensured the team had SIPR capabilities during deployment in remote area due to his experience with the Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) system

MOS 21S Topographic Surveyor

o led a team of Soldiers through an Annual Training period where elements were scattered throughout Fort Indiantown Gap

o trusted and relied upon by the staff; charged with creating and distributing the required theater mission CONOPS

o volunteered to join an ADVON party for the Battalion Weapon Qualification Range

o works independently; assigned as our rep on the Security Force Working Group (SFWG) meetings in three Areas of Interest

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