MOS 21Y Geospatial Engineer NCOER Bullets

Geospatial Intelligence Agency school at Fort Belvoir

o produced over a 1,000 Terrain and Intelligence based Geospatial products that were vital to multiple military forces

o thrived within Geospatial Support Team 47, ensuring the safe transport of more than 55,000 dollars worth of sensitive equipment into theater

o provided U.S., ISAF and ANSF units with updated imagery that aided in the planning and execution of dismounted and mounted patrol missions within the RC-West Area of Operataions

o developed over 40 Geospatial Intelligence Products in response to requests by the Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence, leading to his assignment as site lead within 30 days of arrival

o created geospatial intelligence products that greatly enhanced the S2's capabilities to provide intelligence support for the battalion

o completed a rotation to NCR filling a SSG or above billet

o served as the Geospatial Engineer Sergeant for 3rd Special Forces Group's Geospatial Intelligence Section

o chosen from among peers by the S3 SGM to be his personal driver during the battalion CULEX

o as GIS TL, developed the GIS PLTs Activity Based Intelligence Validation Exercise; trained Ranger team

o provided daily analysis of assigned areas in the USCENTCOM AOR to the G3

o acted as principal radio operator and supervised the relay point between the mount site and the battalion TOC during the CULEX

o managed the timely production of data for imagery, maps, databases, and collateral source material enabling timely command decisions

o stood up the first battalion CIM cell

o provided geospatial support to five companies in support of the USSOUTHCOM AOR

o served as the acting S2 NCOIC for over 3 months in addition to normal duties

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