MOS 21Z, Combat Engineer Senior Sergeant NCOER Bullets

o worked across the isle to lend assistance across military branches and help the 201st RSG BOS-I provide adequate power generation inspection, requirements and maintenance due to a lack of organic power generation experts in the 201st RSG

o led 12 Soldiers to establish a centralized company command post which provided, for the first time, the ability to track the training and construction project metrics across the entire Task Force

o knowledgeable and involved with every project in the province, he helped every element in TASK FORCE WILDCAT establish their respective reporting and recording procedures

o postured the brigade to surpass the 416th TEC's standard and established a new benchmark to be followed

o as the 372nd Engineer Brigade Senior Sergeant, ensured the timely reporting of over 40 CCIR enabling the command to provide the proper support to Soldiers in need

o led three Soldiers in the design and construction of platforms and housings for critical airfield instruments which provided redundancy capabilities during takeoff and landing operations

o elevated the tactical automated landing system four feet above obstructions and prevented damage to a $300,000 system supporting 5 daily sorties

o oversaw the completion of 7 missions and over 400 acres of survey missions in both Iraq and Kuwait, efforts that were critical to the sustainment of U.S. and Joint Task Forces

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