Military Working Dog (MWD) Handler
NCOER Bullets

See also: Navy Military Working Dog Evals and Air Force Military Working Dog Evals

Team Leader

o prepared three Patrol Drug Detector Dog teams for rigorous FORSCOM validation and certification events; resulted in 100% certification success rate

o played a key role in ensuring an excellence rating on the annual Physical Security and Annual Kennel Inspection and Assessments

o planned and coordinated 27 narcotic health and welfare sweeps; ensured the safety and well-being of all supported units

o supported installation force protection measures by conducting RAMS and security sweeps for post level events involving the surrounding community

Plans and Operations

o established the first Military Working Dog presence in East Africa, yielding 1K explosive detection searches, 135 outside the wire missions, and clearing 5,000 acres in support of Operation OCTAVE SHIELD

o managed the 902D MWD budget, accounted for over $150K in funds to be used for USSS missions and MWD equipment; outstanding accountability

o SSG ___ technical knowledge led to the kennels receiving an excellent rating on the most recent Annual Kennel Inspection and Assessment (AKIA)

Patrol Explosive Detector Dog (PEDD)

o provided exemplary guidance and training in not only Force Protection procedures but also on the use and capabilities of Military Working Dog Teams

o created a Section key control system that organized the keys, by serial number, to five vehicles resulting in 100% accountability

o contributed to the effectiveness and seamless transition of the 131st Military working Dog Detachment into the Western Al Anbar Province

o vigilant always; cleared miles of potentially hostile terrain, ensuring the U.S. ambassador's safe passage daily

o mentored new TEDD members to prepare them for their increased responsibilities as TEDD handlers

o qualified as Explosive Driver for the Military Working Dog Explosive Scent Kit

o demonstrated exceptional competence and professional knowledge in the execution of his responsibilities during Explosive Training exercises with zero mishaps

o completed over 100 hours of explosive sweeps at the Augusta Bay Pier and over 60 hours of DV sweeps including the Air Terminal DV Lounge

Kennel Supervisor

o helped develop and implement realistic k9 training scenarios

o delivered outstanding performance during both the Army 10 mile qualifier and the Seargent Promotion Board

o researched, tested and introduced new training methods

o developed method to successfully predict the quality of working dogs based on bloodline and breed

o deployed three military working dog teams in support of Operation FALSTAFF

o arranged the transportation for the deployment of 4 working dogs and 5 working dog teams to Korea

NCOIC, Military Working Dog (Narcotics)

o trained over 110,000 Basic Military Trainees and 7,000 permanent party personnel on Narcotic detection capabilities

o provided critical care for over 600 military working dogs valued at $1.5 millon ensuring healthy dogs were provided to the Department of Defense

Military Working Dog Instructor

o contributed to the effectiveness and success of Military Working Dog Handler's Course and Dog Training School

o amassed over 900 hours of military working dog apprentice course instruction enabling 55 joint service students the ability to enhance security efforts worldwide

o during the 2013 sequestration, he directed efforts to ensure the care of 900 military working dogs with zero lapses in mission capabilities

o managed a 7-man joint service team responsible for $110,000 in training equipment, 32 military working dogs worth over $500,000 as vital Department of Defense assets

Military Working Dog in Iraq

Military Working Dog Handler

o conducted over 100 hours of explosive sweeps for Caserma Ederle, Vicenza including barracks, building and vehicle inspections; enhanced the overall safety and force protection of all personnel on the installation

o provided 100 hours of training for 9 Military Working Dog teams resulting in a 100% certification rate

o provided stellar Explosive Detector Dog support during the Nuclear Security Summit by conducting 88 vehicle searches, ensuring the safety of world leaders

o instrumental in the success of FY14 and FY15 Security Training Assessment and Assistance site visits

o conducted sweeps with the U.S. Secret Service during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida

o provided over 40 hours of training to the Kyrgyz Republic State Security Service working dog program

o sustained the only explosive detector dog capability for the Kyrgyz Republic

o completed over 24 hours of explosive detection for both the Times Forum and surrounding buildings during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida

o searched and cleared 2,400 pieces of luggage, 1,000 vehicles and 120 fuel trucks carrying more than 10 million gallons of fuel, ensuring mission security for the Manas International Airport Transit Center

o performed three MWD demos; educated over 100 military and civilian personnel on key MWD abilities

o conducted MWD familiarization with 100 Girl Scouts during a demonstration of our Military Working Dog abilities

o executed 60 dismounted combat patrols and explosive detection searches; found cache of landmines on Afganistan border while deployed to FOB Spin Buldak

NCOIC, USCENTCOM Military Working Dog Hub

o secured over 110 inter-theater and international flights for MWD teams; transitioned 150 Air Force, Navy, and Army MWD teams into forward operations and back

o deployed 39 Tactical Explosive Detector Dog Teams, the US Army's newest initiative in combating the war on terror

o expedited U.S. Army MWD teams to multiple CRCs; saved USA more than $49,000 in additional shipping costs

o transferred three Human Remains Detection (HRD) teams from USF-I to USFOR-A; located MIA, brought closure for family

o oversaw the processing and movement of 160 military working dogs to forward operating bases in support of OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM and OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM

o facilitated the movement and delivery of over 600 dog teams to the Combatant Commander

o provided a vital low density, high demand asset and explosive detection capability to the warfighters supporting both Operation ENDURING FREEDOM and Operation NEW DAWN

o deployed 88 Tactical Explosive Detector Dog Teams, strengthening the explosive detection capabilities of the warfighter in Afghanistan

o maintained an incredible safety record, transporting dog teams over 10,000 miles of Kuwaiti roads without a single mishap

Animal Care Technician

o provided support to over 110 Military Working Dog missions at Public Health Activity-Fort Belvoir-Fort Meade Branch

o supported over 90 MWD missions involving high ranking officials such as the former and current President

o served as the primary Bite Report Handler at Andrews Air Force Base and closed out over 100 bite reports in a timely manner

o volunteered at the Uniformed Service University of Health Science and assisted in an ocular trauma lab studying shrapnel damage to military service members


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