MOS 38A Civil Affairs Officer OER Bullets

o conducted 88 combat missions, traveling more than 5,300 kilometers of rugged terrain to enable medical, engineering, public, and civil affairs missions

o participated in the continued development of 27 Basic Health Clincs servicing over 60,000 families; increased access to medical care by 5,000%

o established a relationship with the SOCKOR J2/J3X as the only qualified G2-Intelligence TE personnel; gained access to close hold information under SOCKOR authority

o established relationship with the CA unit assigned to the Expeditionary Support Command 19 (ESC-19) on Camp Henry, Daegu; first-ever utilization of key intel network

o conducted site surveys to identify potential overflow sites for possible future Non-Combatant Evacuation Operations; strengthened the overall U.S. position in Korea

o created, developed, maintained, and submitted reports in support of on-going intelligence efforts on the Korean Peninsula; expanded and optimized Intel sources

o utilized overlooked intel resource; immediately resulted in ESC-19 providing data on all U.S. training facilities and points of contact needed to support the TE's training mission

o supervised a 200,000 dollar construction project in Tingo Maria Peru; completed two weeks early, saved DoD $3,000,000, and brought stability to the region

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