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o contributed to the success of USEUCOM Cyber Endeavor during an emerging global pandemic, COVID-19; reduced vulnerabilities while optimizing finite resources

o researched and organized a $45K Audio Visual system upgrade at the National Museum of the U.S. Army; restored capabilities for 350K visitors and 300 events per year

o hosted 19 partner nations and a record breaking 70 participants; improved each partner nation participant's cyber readiness and response

o coordinated and executed 31 secure and non-secure VTCs supporting operations in Kosovo; provided critical forum for the Task Force Commander, his staff, and USAREUR

o coached the 261st TTSB in the emplacement, maintenance, and operation of signal assets; facilitated the success of the 261st TTSB mission and the CSTX

o supported VTCs for The Adjutant General (TAG); instrumental in establishing first Memorandum of Understanding between government and state agencies

o engineered the secure VTC installation for the Adjutant General (TAG); delivered first-ever capability, saved $10,000 in transportation and per diem in first year

o managed COMSEC keys for Homeland Security and provided secure communications for the SPRINT over NIPRNET system; secure conference ability enabled rapid coordination and response

o supervised the documention of joint WSEP training; demonstrated the benefit of bilateral training with British units; key to policy change

o engineered new code plug for LMR tech refresh; replaced $400K in end of life equipment and expanded JBA FP/FD C3 capabilities

o planned and upgraded audio visual aids and equipment for 30 classrooms; completed $5M modernization project to standardize the training environment

o developed LMR training seminar; qualified 16 unit reps on encryption procedures for COMSEC ISO $10M in assets

o set up audio video for 72 hours of world wide broadcast live-streamed for Judge Advocate General; facilitated timely recertification of 300 lawyers remotely

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