MOS 66B Public Health Nurse OER Bullets

o oversaw one of the largest vaccine pushes in the history of the military (SPV) and is a vital asset in coordinating efforts for the medical readiness of the Global Response Force

o trained Soldiers from every Battalion on immunizations and coordinated efforts for mass immunization on a Brigade scale

o acting as the medical, public health, and bio-environmental authority, he supported 200 patient visits and completed 27 public health facility inspections

o performed 360 potable water inspections, ensuring that 200,000 bottles of water were safe to drink

o created the Army's first preventive medicine programs in the region by conducting a food and water vulnerability assessment

o surveyed endemic disease and devised controls to enable freedom of movement for 222 joint service and special operations personnel

o led a Food and Water Risk Assessment with contracting and special operators to provide local foods for the camp

o inspected over 2 million dollars worth of Meals Ready To Eat, identifying 2 tons of meals unfit for human consumption

o evaluated 340 food and public facilities; planned and conducted food vulnerability assessment for six facilities, provided food handler training for 36 Third Country Nationals

o secured and arranged storage of 3.5 million dollars of subsistence with zero food-borne illness outbreaks

o boosted unit's Occupational Health compliance rate from 91% to 100% by performing 235 hearing examinations, eradicating overdue workers

o increased occupational health access to care by 70% which put the Battalion at #1 in the Army

o contributed to the medical employee health program, tracking 5,000 requirements for 367 medics, achieving a 100% compliance rate

o oversaw the Hearing Conservation Program for 11,000 members, saving the DoD an estimated 5 million dollars in disability claims

o co-authored a Hearing Conservation Tri-fold, correcting seven discrepancies and enhancing hearing loss awareness

o reviewed 12 industrial case files and identified and corrected four OSHA critical issues which contributed to the Company's "Outstanding" rating during HSI

o a key player in Tuberculosis Detection and Control program success; monitored 15 patients' medication therapy which resulted in zero active tuberculosis cases on post

o identified two critical issues during Food Vulnerability Assessment of 8 facilities which led to the improvement of the battalion's vital food supply

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