MOS 66E, Perioperative Nurse OER Bullets

o achieved national certification as a Certified Perioperative Nurse; demonstrated commitment to patient safety and standards of both civilian and Army perioperative fields of practice

o maintained medical and dental readiness rate at an unprecedented 95% of members and Annual Training completion rate of 90% with less than 6 months left in FY 2022

o reviewed and validated 122 records for the Promotion Selection Board with fairness and professionalism, facilitating the successful careers of applicants

o assisted 11 nurses and 3 providers across two departments in the care of 3,400 patients and ensured 100% accuracy in the completion of more than 500 perioperative assestments

o served as the Urology and same day surgery DMHRSI time keeper; assisted 49 active duty members in the submission of their time cards, resulting in 100% compliance

o orchestrated the procurement, organization, and training of the equipment, supplies, and personnel required for both the Keesler Medical Center and satellite surgical spaces

o inventoried and arranged parallel storage of supplies which was a key factor in allowing simultaneous operations

o devoted over 40 hours to mentoring and educating technicians and corpsmen on surgical preparation procedures

o an exceptional staff educator; accelerated the career progression of 133 personnel

o augmented the emergency room, intensive care unit, and medical-surgical unit with a total of 1,234 hours

o recovered 17 post-anesthesia cases while adhering to perioperative standards; saved 12,000 dollars

o demonstrated stellar nursing expertise while circulating 1,256 surgeries valued at XXX dollars

o lauded by trauma Czar Top Operating Room nurse in Operation Enduring Freedom at Bagram Afghanistan

o assisted with more than 100 poly traumas with a survival rate of 99 percent

Nurse Manager

o provided superb nursing care; coordinated 177 admissions, 189 discharges, and 48 interhospital transfers

o authored 3 flight operating instructions which were adopted Army wide as best practice

o as preceptor, he guided 32 nurses in the Intensive Care Unit decreasing the orientation time by one week

o augmented the Post Anesthesia Unit, recovered 16 cases, which exceeded perioperative standards and saved the Army $10K

o instructed 28 medical group nursing staff on chest tube care competency; expanded unit's medical competency

o provided wound care treatments; performed over 60 dressing changes during rated period

o triaged 60 troops during a medical group exercise which exceeded standards

o anticipated and provided swift interventions; decreased emergency room waiting time by 50 percent

o authored five operating instructions; streamlined operations and improved staff organization

o ensured 60 high-risk nursing tasks were met and reduced procedural variance by 20 percent

o coordinated patient placement to the appropriate unit by dedicating 700 hours as in-house supervisor

o served as Neurosurgery and General Surgery Team Manager with a budget of XXX dollars; elimintated redundant items and saved Medical Group $200,000 annually

o always top choice by surgeons for difficult cases and hand picked over peers for her continued nursing excellence

o spearheaded updating surgeons' prefence cards eliminating man hours by xxx

o trained 18 nurses, 88 technicians and audited 22 competency folders; contributed to 2016 Excellent rating and Joint Commission accreditation for three years

o completed her Professional Military Education and obtained over 250 continued education hours in one year; far exceeded the 20 hours per year requirement

o achieved her perioperative certification

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