MOS 66F, Nurse Anesthetist OER Bullets

o revised OR SOPs and assisted with unit operations in preparation for annual training; foresight prevented shortfalls

o served as an Inspection Team Inspector for two PATRIOT WYVERN exercises, evaluated 30 Soldiers, ensuring 100% wartime readiness

o transitioned from Active Duty to Reserves, brought a wealth of knowledge and increased unit effectiveness by 33%

o used her expert clinical and leadership skills and educated 20 medical providers on Massive Transfusion Protocol; increased patient safety and improved patient outcomes

o an effective leader, she revived the recognition program for all unit members, increased individual recognition by 30% and spiking morale

o identified and resolved critical, previously unfilled unit type codes; strategic vision strengthened Army Reserve medical capabilities

o motivated junior officers and enlisted personnel under her leadership; strong mentorship shaped future leaders

o ensured uninterrupted access to en-route critical care capabilities for Special Operations Command Central's Task Force 3.1

o assisted in providing direct care to 60 coalition and host nation patients

o provided full services despite staff shortage, completed 23 cases and procedures; force multiplier

o deployed as the Tactical Critical Care Evacuation Team Nurse Anesthetist; supported Operations YUKON JOURNEY and YUKON HUNTER

o authored and executed the first-ever medical exercise from his Forward operating base; defined effective medical care across comabatant commands

o integrated with partner force rotary wing and maritime assets; validated casualty evacuation procedures and techniques

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