MOS 66S, Critical Care Nurse

o deployed to Afghanistan ISO OEF and taught burn management to 13 UK nurses; increased quality of care and poised patients for recovery

o piloted care of 7 patients with second degree burns and facilitated air evacuation for three wounded warriors; sustained seamless patient care

o transitioned to the newly formed San Antonio Military Medical Center; adapted quickly and excelled as a member of the critical care team

o precepted six ICU nurse fellows assisting them in their transition from student to novice ICU nurses; improved team integration

o led a succesful 4.5 mile convoy to camp Rilea with zero equipment loss, sent up hourly reports to command; delivered and stood up medical capability

o supervised 85 soldiers and participated in the set up and tear down training of five airbeam tents; improved staff confidence and readiness

o assumed responsibility for U.S. Navy medical staff's civilian COVID19 patients at the Javits Center when staff ws overwhelmed; sustained patient critical care

o managed a team that worked tirelessly while maintaining full PPE for twelve hour shifts, over a three-week period; treated over 120 critically ill

o responded and deployed to the Queens NYC H&H facility when NYC relieved the Javits Center Hospital of its duties due to 300 of their nurses being quarantined; rescued failing service

o coordinated full spectrum response when NY Health and Hospitals requested assistance when 200 of their nurses were in COVID19 quarantine; delivered providers in less than 24 hours

o responded to change in patient's declining medical condition, activated the Code Blue System and initiated life saving Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation; saved patient's life

o molded 12 Training Managers into a cohesive team; contributed to the education and training section's rating of "Outstanding" during the Health Services Inspection

o planned, prepared and coordinated training for 60 nurses and medical technicians on blood administration and code management resulting in 100% trained readiness skills verification

o worked tirelessly in the 16-bed ICU with critically ill and intubated and vented COVID19 patients; tripled the ICU capacity

o established a medical care team which facilitated, for the first time in Army Reserve history, an Urban Augmentation Medical Task Force (UAMTF) integrated into a civilian practice

o assisted in medical management and delegation to establish priorities and respective reporting and recording procedures; increased patients evaluated per day by 50%

o exploited the circumstances in the ICU as a training opportunity to teach her peers advanced skills that had previously only been simulated

o provided patient care to two complete wards of COVID-19 patients including overseeing overflow ICU patients; met demand with only a 7-soldier ICW medical team

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