MOS 68L, Occupational Therapy Specialist NCOER Bullets

o served as an Occupational Therapy Specialist for the 1972nd Medical Detachment COSC

o her positive attitude, leadership, and expertise directly enhanced the efficiency of the unit's Annual Training mission

o supervised the activities of four physical therapy clinics during a period of transition from Camp Lester to Camp Foster

o helped to lead Naval Hosptial Okinawa to its first Surgeon General's Blue H Gold Star award for excellence in health promotion programs in 2014

o led 17 Sailors and 5 civilians daily charged with the care of 52,000 civilians and military personnel stationed on Okinawa

o cared for 2,500 beneficiaries which resulted in a network savings of $100,000

o aided the department in passing the Joint Commission survey and monthly Zone inspection of the hospital and satellite clinics

o teamed with mental health and facilitated 13 outpatient Crisis Prevention classes for 122 Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen

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