MOS 68M Nutrition Care Specialist NCOER Bullets


o led field feeding team fed 268 EFMB candidates during 14 day course; improved pass rate to 31%

o oversaw nutrition care operations during brigade FTX; served 3,187 meals and trained nine junior 68Ms on field feeding

o managed a $94,000 modification work order for the battalion's field feeding equipment; two CKs were removed from the ESR

o maintained the Nutrition Care section hand receipt valued at $600,000 for a year with no property book losses


o provided nutritional education to more than 500 attendees of the annual health fair; increased general knowledge of nutrition and weight management

o trained military personnel on the outpatient clinic screening processes; increased work production by 30%

o displayed the ability to adapt to changing situations; relied on by leadership for his expertise in completing tasks and all around knowledge of room service

o instructed back to basics training for call center employees; improved work performance and patients satisfaction by 20%

o completed nine credit hours; maintained a 4.0 GPA while seeking Bachelors in Criminal Justice

o organized turn in of unused equipment; reduced supervisors hand receipt by $10,000; increased spacing for supply of nutritional supplements

o orchestrated the successful preparation for upcoming Mock JC inspection;assured employee readiness

o dedicated leader who demonstrates sound judgement and tact with leadership and subordinates

o motivated NCO whose organizational skills were critical to the success of the department

o maintained outstanding communication with chain of command and always strives for excellence

Nutrition Care Specialist

o prepared Thanksgiving baskets for each in-patient; improved morale and quality of life for patients

o served as the TF Food Service NCOIC of the Detention Facility in Parwan (DFIB) and the Drop Zone Dining Facility at Camp Sabalu-Harrison, Bagram, Afghanistan

o volunteered regularly to oversee food service activities on Battle Assembly weekends and the annual Extended Combat Exercise

o ensured the strictest field sanitation practices were followed at all times

o coordinated labor and resources to support two Bn Organization Day functions feeding over 200 personnel

o assisted the Supply and Combat Medic sections with training and accountability

o SPC Soldier demonstrated his proficiency as a Modern Army Combatives assistant instructor by delivering a 100% graduation rate in the two Level 1 combatives courses and one Level two combatives course.

o SPC Song's dedication resulted in excellent logistical support to the hospital's wartime mission and was key to the success of 121st combat support hospital's participation in key resolve 2009.

o his acute management and technical skills ensured continued mission accomplishment of this diverse hospital and its consolidated dining facility.

o balanced his responsibilities as shift leader, driver and dining facility supervisor to produce over 1,000 meals a day and maximum readiness.

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