MOS 68S Preventive Medicine Specialist

Brooke Army Medical Center

o monitored 76 Soldiers on the Bradley Range due to extreme temperatures; preventive actions directly led to zero heat casualties during Bradley Gunnery

o developed the tactical SOP for the 452nd MED DET; reduced testing errors

o developed and implemented the Occupational Health Surveillance database

o ensured Ft Hood and III Corps compliance with with OSHA laws and guidance

o completed base camp assesments and DFAC certifications for 5 FOBs

o managed a mobile team supporting 26 operating locations spanning 40,000 square kilometers

o completed 31 base camp assessments, 200 sanitary inspections and 55 food service inspections, directly preserving the health of a warfighter population of 20,000 personnel

o certified multiple potable water tanks

o her attention to detail was instrumental in the success of the mission

o ensured Soldiers were healthy and ready for duty

o revised and implemented the company Field Sanitation Program and SOP converting the inspected area from black to green

o introduced improved water testing equipment, raised test accuracy, trained all members of preventive medicine section on new microbiology tests and procedures

o assumed responsibility for sensitive medical equipment and vehicles and oversaw the daily functions of a busy treatment facility that treated multiple non-english speaking foreign nationals

o demonstrated outstanding leadership and maturity during medical fact-finding missions to foreign medical facilities

o implemented protective health measures during the COVID SARs 19 pandemic; his dedication served as an example to the CO National Guard

o volunteered to provide front desk coverage for the Behavioral Health Clinic during a time of transition; sustained clinical operations

o identified and eradicated several rat infestations in mulitiple tents throughout the camp and made recommendations to the base commander to prevent reoccurrence

o dedicated 40 hours to training resulting in a 30% increase of qualification for all unit members

o ensured the sanitation and potability of over 2 million gallons of water and the proper maintenance of water transport trucks and storage tanks

o completed over 900 bacteriological and chlorination water tests

o improved public health standard for over 1,000 military and civilian personnel by establishing Preventive Medicine guidelines, policies and procedures for ISA Air Base, Bahrain

o revised 7 medical and public and environmental health instructions to make them effective/applicable to local environment

o provided direct oversight of all preoperational sanitation inspections of the newly constructed Paradisa Cafe, ensured its on-schedule grand opening and safety of 3,000+ meals daily

o provided relevant input on environmental sanitation concerns affecting 2,300 joint military and civilian personnel during monthly command safety meetings

o devoted over 1000 hours to over 300 environmental and sanitation inspections

o submitted and followed up on 55 accident reports to command safety

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