MOS 68Y, Eye Specialist
NCOER Bullets

o assisted with 210 routine and 40 aviation eye exams, 20 separation physicals, 25 cyclo's for ROTC cadets, 5 pre-commissioning physicals, and 35 diabetic and 5 Plaquenil eye exams

o ordered over 150 trials contacts for supply and 30 trials contacts for patients; facilitated tactical readiness

o dispensed 60 spectacles and 15 contact lenses to patients; sustained medical readiness

o initiated a JKPS project which streamlined the optical lens tracking process; reduced old eyeware stock by 70% and patient wait time for glasses by 50%

o led three junior soldiers and assisted one provider in completing over 7,000 optometry examinations to include fitting and distribution of 8,000 prescription lenses

o implemented a process improvement project decreasing wait time for orders by 70% saving 800K in network costs

o assisted the Occupational Health nurse in the completion 1.2K surveillance exams and revised the Occupational Health Corpsman competencies

o managed the completion of 5K timecards for 118 personnel ensuring 100% accurate manpower tracking

o contributed to the completion of Innovative Readiness Training (IRT); readied Bootheel's Malden Clinic for success

o provided $300,000 in medical, dental and optometry care to the civilian population of Malden Missouri; optimized value of Federal funds

o ensured over 1200 patients received specialized medical, dental and optometry care, and continued education; sustained overall health and wellness of the community of Malden, MO

o educated over 250 civilians and junior enlisted Soldiers and Sailors on various SOAP note classes and patient tracking; expanded patient service by 200%

o managed the triage intake area of the Malden Clinic; streamlined the Malden mission's patient flow and tracking, reduced wait by 50%

o coordinated all audiograms and eye exams for over 1,200 personnel during a 6-month period; ensured medical readiness for all personnel actions

o trained 13 Corpsmen in the proper procedures and requirements for physical exams; increased patients seen per week by 40%

o stood up the optometry process from the ground up, covering far and near vision, AFVT, Depth perception Autofraction with manifestation and color vision; established first-ever eye care

o conducted 77 optermerty exams for critical skills operators; reduced time required to complete the NSW physicals

o directed and tracked over 1200 patients throughout the clinic during a nine day exercise; key to future emergency care

o provided over $35,000 worth of patient education and directly counseled over 200 patients in oral hygiene, smoking cessation, diet and exercise; improved community health

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