MOS 890A Ammunition Warrant Officer

o managed the Counter ISIS Training and Equipment Found- Iraq (CTEF-I) for 6 months

o oversaw the divestment of $333,000 worth of ammunition to Kurdish Peshmerga Forces with zero discrepancies

o assisted and advised the Peshmerga forces on proper accountability and storage of Class V stocks

o steered efforts of cell policing actions under International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) policies

o supervised the ammunition renovation process; resulted in a cost savings of approximately $4 million for the installation

o identified new tasks and eliminated training gaps during the MOS 89B Critical Task Site Selection Board

o developed and implemented new critical tasks to better train future generations of Ammunition Specialists

o coordinated ammunition policy changes with all battery Commanders as they occurred to maintain readiness

o trained 230 deploying Soldiers on IED awareness and enemy TTPs; improved knowledge of countermeasures, reduced injuries by 60%

o planned and executed 55 EOD missions, disposed of 10,000 pounds of unstable UXOs without damage to property or loss of life

o developed a training syllabus of essential EOD skills and detailed daily plans; approved by MFF EOD commander and staff

o planned, orchestrated the movement of all SSO equipment and classified documents; sustained minimal down time for the G2 SSO offices

o coordinated over 6,000 ammunition drops; supported over 70 ranges, effectively trained and qualified 33,000 Soldiers

o supervised the turn-in of over 12,000 ammunition documents without incident; enforced the MCoEs standard of safety

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