MOS 89D Explosive Ordnance Disposal NCOER Bullets

Explosive Ordnance Disposal sign

EOD Team Leader

o fostered an environment for continual military education of his team members

o provided crucial EOD support to the U.S. Secret Service for the protection of POTUS during APEC and the Presidential holiday vacation

o trained 200 deploying Soldiers on IED awareness and enemy TTPs, enhancing their knowledge on explosive safety, greatly increasing the survival skills

o planned and executed 43 EOD missions, disposing of 553 pounds of unstable UXOs without damage to property or loss of life

o cordoned a RKG 3 attack on the platoon sergeant vehicle; enabled EOD to properly assess the area and vehicle for damage

o assisted Marine EOD mentors and ANA forces with downloading and movement of Humvee Mine Rollers

o trained ANA in assisting with ground operations with little notice

o orchestrated deployment back to Fort Campbell with no losses of government equipment, ensured a smooth reset in the future

o created a maintenance schedule to ensure all equipment was operational and maintained to standard and ready for multiple field exercises in order to prepare us for our deployment to Afghanistan

o assumed UMO duties for our company and successfully conducted movement to Afghanistan and JRTC at the same time

o sustained operations with little to no equipment by borrowing equipment from 10th mountain out of Fort Polk

o scheduled and drew equipment for the EOD shop, coordinated supply issues and arranged maintainance for our equipment

o responded to identification of two IED pressure plates in road; confirmed, secured the area and blew in place

o developed a training syllabus of essential EOD skills and detailed daily plans; approved by MFF EOD commander and staff

o trained MFF on zeroing rifles, positional shooting, shooting while moving, and a combined skills stress course

o supervised the maintenance of the EOD 8 bomb suits and EOD 9 Helmets and replaced over $50,000 worth of dead lining faults

o led and managed personnel effectively; increased companys readiness by ensuring all EOD teams have two operational Bomb Suits

o planned and executed the SOF EOD Training Pipeline Week 0; ensured safe and effective Week 0 assessment

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