MOS 92A Automated Logistical Specialist NCOER Comments

Automated Logistical Specialist

o processed over 10,000 parts while working in the Receiving Section; attention to detail ensured parts were distributed within the 24 hours required by DA Standards

o downloaded trucks received from LRC promptly; prevented distribution delay and minimized wait time

o oversaw unit transition, from MTOE changes to technological changes in maintenance record keeping practices; kept SM's proficient and sustained maintenance operations

o identified and solved SAMS-E software errors that would have crippled motor pool operations; facilitated successful transition in record keeping

o improved Army Materiel Status System (AMSS) accuracy; ensured a 100% equipment correlation between SAMS-1E and PBUSE

o set up Shop Office Operations at NTC, including VSATS, fighting positions, and supporting SSA operations through comprehensive turn-ins and walk throughs

o supported Alpha Company Medical Maintenance program by getting SAMS1E operations underway

o updated over 190 services and files going as far back as 2012

o assisted CIF personnel during warehouse operations to help organize OCIE

o generated work orders, maintenance records, and equipment readiness reports for 24 Strykers and 110 pieces of rolling stock; key to mission readiness

o reorganized OCIE and issued OCIE for over 1,000 soldiers

o reports in Army Materiel Status System (AMSS) most accurate in Bn; 100% match between SAMS-1E and PBUSE

o assisted with refueling missions and vehicle PMCS operations of all FCO vehicles; multiplied unit manning

o set up the CAISI network which enabled the maintenance shop to conduct operations outside of the motorpool for the first time

o demonstrated an elevated technical capacity in logistics while performing OCIE operations; maintained over 3,500 individual hand receipts with zero discrepancies

o maintained strict access control of Class 1 warehouse, increased inventory accuracy and reduced losses by 50%

o ordered over $1,200,000.00 worth of supplies and equipment to ensure Team Renegade maintenance readiness and missions success

o expert SAMS-E operator; helped identify and solve software errors which would have impaired motor pool operations and mission execution

o completely reorganized the facility, turned in over 3 million dollars worth of theater provided equipment (TPE) and AMCOM property (TEP)

o selected by the 92B Command Sergeant Major to serve in the Brigade Support Operations to help improve the Standard Army Retail Supply Systems

o tracked Calvary Battalion periodic uploads and downloads of maintenance and supply transaction of class I, II, III, IV, VIII, and IX; no oversights

o proven to be a capable and dependable leader of soldiers who deployed, administered, and maintained many mission essential information systems

o single-handedly analyzed and corrected the deficiencies of over 2200 empty gas cylinders allowing them to be processed and shipped out of KAF

o scrubbed and reconciled records until he accomplished a 100% correlation between the Army Materiel Status System (AMSS) and SAMS-1E and PBUSE

o an efficient director who increased the capacity of many supported elements to accomplish any mission that was tasked

o pushed all soldiers in his command to excel and better themselves both professionally and personally

o as primary operator for the SAMS-E, ordered class II, IV, and IX supply items and helped the PBO in turning over TPE items during a TOA

o provided outstanding support to the Garrison hazardous waste disposal program

o as certifiying officer, reviewed and approved hazardous waste manifests and associated shipping documents reducing illegal shipments by 50%

o was commended by Bn Commander for his responsiveness to requests for cargo inspection, even on short notice

o served as the Retro Sort Yard (RSY) NCOIC and established a rapport with the local Kandahar agencies to support the KAF CMRE Retro Sort Mission

o restocked 700+ items of OCIE; accurate and timely actions facilitated optimum stock levels

o organized and assembled 700 ACH's and issued OCIE to 150 personnel without any incidents or discrepancies

o ensured that all class IX parts were ordered with all faults updated in a timely manner

o assisted with the turn in of over 200,000 dollars worth of excess class IX parts


o managed support for __ customer accounts; ___ ASL worth $_,___,___; retained __% inventory accuracy; Soldiers processed __,___ SARSS entries with ___% precision

o monitored all quality system standards; maintained 1% zero balance rate, exceeding DA standard; enhanced SSA capabilities and decreased customer wait-time by 63%

o guided SSA to a 0% MRD rate from 34,856 MROs an GPC transactions; saved (UNIT) $___,___ by utilizing installation free issue warehouse

o his direct leadership led SSA to receive a 100% on (COMMAND INSPECTION) with zero deficiencies; three Soldier award coins of excellence for MOS proficiency

Equipment Records / Parts Sergeant

o saved the battalion over $30,850 in an eight month period on the CLIX budget through judicious use of the Parts Accountability and Fort Campbell Free Issue Team

o orchestrated an immaculate filing system with zero deficiencies to organize the battalion's service data on all equipment; received accolades from the inspection team

o conducted monthly PBUSE to SAMS1-E scrubs until all equipment administrative data matched; led the Support Battalion to have consistent error-free reporting

o took ownership of the company equipment dispatching process to adhere to all BN safety and procedural guidelines; enhanced operational continuity practices in the unit

o managed over 600 processed opened and closed work orders flawlessly on special operations weapons, specialized electronic radio systems, and light wheeled vehicles

o supervised the merger of the _______ Unit Identification Codes with zero disruption in support to Group's four supported battalions

inventorying stock

ETS for SSA clerk

She was an invaluable asset in the day to day success of the Supply Support Activities mission to support the 1-7 ADA Battalion's overall readiness for this tabling certification field training exercise to prepare in support of a World Wide deployment to the United Arab Emerits (UAE). Her impact on every mission she was a part of was evident during the begining, execution phase, and the end result.

Liaison Officer

o provided logistical support for over 60 successful convoy operations

o coordinated maintenance support to ensure all vehicles were maintained and fully mission capable

o assisted the joint distribution center with container management operations IOT track, ingate, and submit TMRs for 1000 retrograde ISO Camp Bucca

o generated and distributed a standard daily logistics synchronization matrix in order to allow for all military and civilian contractors to be aware of sustainments that were incoming/outgoing to Camp Bucca

Platoon Sergeant

o recommend provide SM with time to refocus on the Army and being an NCO in a less demanding and stressful position (needs improvement)


o demonstrated expert knowledge in instructing over 1872 hours of GCSS Army of POI to 525 students increasing their technical proficiency in modern supply operations

o developed an extensive instructor guide for incoming instructors that resulted in 14 instructors being able to effectively instruct Plant Maintenance POI

o trained and validated the technical proficiency of 524 Officers, NCOs and IET during QMFTX; enhanced their skills to be adaptive sustainment professionals

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