MOS 92R Parachute Rigger NCOER Comments

Heavy drop from a C-17

o rebuilt parachute packing facilities/area, adding over $1,000,000 worth of new equipment

o established deployed QA pgm; inspected 2,000 parachutes and ensured 100% error free deployment and operation

o managed over 1300 parachute components during the introduction and placing into service of over 200 MC-6 Main and Reserve parachute systems

o developed accurate operating instructions, replaced outdated TMs, expanded knowledge of equipment use

o trained aircrews monthly on use of equipment and egress procedures, refreshed skills, increased readiness

o inspected, repaired and repacked over 1,000 T-10 and BA-22 parachutes to guarantee personnel safety

o fitted and installed 10 single/multi-place life rafts and life preserver sets for special ops deployment

o airborne qualified, accomplished 37 static line jumps from CH-47 platform

o paved the way to success for XXXXX to become the first unit to perform MC-6 covert jump operations, completing over 100 MC-6 parachute jumps

o spent 2 days scrubbing the Company's Jump Log in an effort to correct discrepancies

o helped with Jump Master Personnel Inspection (JMPI) and served as Malfunctions NCO after conducting MFF jump during the annual training jump

o packed, rigged, and maintained critical parachute and repelling equipment to U.S. military safety standards

o his efforts resulted in the qualification of 14 special operations Soldiers and ensured the safe execution of high-risk training including demolition, diving, and free-fall parachute operations

o resident expert, possesses comprehensive knowledge of sling load operations, rappelling techniques and fast-rope deployment

o oversaw quality assurance and safety in parachute rigging operations, maintained 100% safety record


o when a suspension of use order was received for the MC-6, she was able to immediately shift focus and place over 300 MC-1 Main and Reserve systems back into service

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