MOS 94P MLRS Repairer NCOER Bullets

o monitored both the Harris Radio and the TOCNET and assisted other guns with issues with the TOCNET; troubleshot and restored radio comm

o subject matter expert on MLRS electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic systems; instrumental in the resolution of over 100 faults

o proved invaluable during deployment due to his knowledge of the M88 and its capabilities

o his relentless focus on mechanical and electrical maintenance facilitated the successful completion of five live fire events

o provided insturction to FSC 1/147 on the M270A1 Multiple Launch Rocket System

o team player; cross trained in several MOSs in the motor pool to include 91C, 91J, and 91D

o his enthusiastic involvement in all motor pool maintenance made him an integral member of the maintenance platoon

o served in every section of the motor pool; expanded his knowledge and experience and made him an invaluable member during deploments

o successfully completed one Table VIII and multiple OREs while assigned to Delta Battery; advanced unit capabilities

o joined the track recovery crew and recovered 12 vehicles during the battalion exeval; restored 90% to service

o facilitated the success of three live fire events; launched 88 rockets

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