MOS 94S Patriot System Repairer NCOER Examples

Patriot Missile Battery deployed

o trained five Air Battle Management crews for Patriot Table XII certification, the first in PACOM

o identified circuit breaker fault that restored service; cancelled order for 3 Environmental Unit cards; saved over $10,000

o replaced ICC MIDS antenna with less expensive but equal quality antenna; restored operation in less than 24 hours

o prepared and submitted a PQDR on the Patriot electrical chassis; prevented future inaccurate diagnosis, savings in time and budget

o trained Soldiers on best practices maintenance and critical thinking

Patriot Launching Station Operator Maintainer

o made significant personal and professional contributions to OPERATION FORWARD PRESENCE while deployed with the 3rd Battalion, 43rd Air Defense Artillery in the Southwest Asia theater of operations

o enhanced stability in the region, created an environment conducive to the enforcement of the United Nations' resolutions and contributed significantly to the United States' relations with Kuwait

o showed outstanding intiative while establishing the AN-MPQ A3 Sentinel Radar and the Tactical Operations Center

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