94W Electronic Maintenance Chief NCOER Examples

U.S. Army tactical RADAR deployed

o evaluated the Soldier Radio Waveform Network Manager (SRWNM) for over 100 hours during IOT&E

o identified over 30 problems with the Rifleman Radio that were not previously identified by the Project Manager office; facilitated fast track development

o fielded equipment for 3-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team's (SBCT) RESET of its thermal sights, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) radios, and all GPS systems.

o maintained 100% accountability and execution of more than 3,500 work orders over a 30 day period

o successfully RESET Brigade assets and increased the overall Operational Readiness rate of the BDE

o led a company of technicians and engineers through a difficult post deployment period, integrating deployed and undeployable Soldiers

o set up maintenance programs for 5 battalions and over 50 STAMIS systems

o his strong leadership and influence on unit Family Readiness created a level of calmness and confidence throughout his tenure as Chief

o created an original maintenance SOP which outlined all required maintenance procedures, personal responsibilities, part reconciliation and safety measures

o served as the Senior Maintenance Advisor to the Night Vision Program Manager

o served as Maintenance Technician, Maintenance Manager and CSSAMO in the absence of these key leadership positions

o volunteered to deploy to a Combat Zone to facilitate the urgent fielding of the Quick Reactionary Capability weapon system, providing warfighters with increased protection and saving countless lives

o supervised the PMCS procedures during early draw of equipment; his efforts proved vital during the equipment turn-in process and saved thousands of dollars and man hours in repairs

o coordinated with the Command Maintenance Management Assistance (CMMA) Team to ensure adherence with all requirements

o his thorough knowledge of maintenance requirements and careful analysis of the mission resulted in the successful placement of mechanics and equipment to support the mission

o played a key role in the testing and fielding of the new GCSS-Army program for 38 UICs

o advised the Product Manager, Installation Information Infrastructure Modernization Program (PM I3MP) on practical maintenance issues and expectations for fielding; reduced barriers to development

o provided effective leadership, guidance and vision in managing over $100,000,000 worth of critical services across the AOR

o impacted service-wide efforts to field Net-centric IT and telecommunication systems, expansions, and modernization upgrades

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