Observer Controller/Trainer (OC/T) NCOER Bullets

Senior OC/T

As a Senior Observer Controller/ Trainer, she guided the development of a Complex Attack scenario for an IED Event by using coordinated tactics which was so successful, it was adopted as the Battalion Training Standard.


SFC Carroll executed multiple missions in support of post mobilization training from XXXXXX to XXXXXX. These essential missions supported the 844th, 877th, 112th, 368th, and 230th EN BN.

SFC Carroll provided outstanding mentorship and training for the 1/34th HBCT and increased the safety, competence, and capabilities of over 400 Soldiers.

Lead Observer Controller/Trainer (OC/T)

SFC Moses served as 2/337 Training Support Battalion Lead OC/T for units deploying to Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan. His team trained and qualified over 1,000 Soldiers in less than 6 months and ensured all training was accomplished to standard.

Senior Observer/Coach Trainer (OC/T)

o assessed daily operations in determining the effectiveness of post MOB training

o embedded with unit to support pre-mobilization training

o mobilized to Camp Atterbury, IN to PRT training and follow-up deployment

Observer Controller/Trainer (OC/T)

o proved the Army's objective T significance by certifying the first National Guard Brigade to deploy in 30 years

o selected above his peers to serve as Battalion NCOIC for the OC/T's participating in Rapid Trident, a multi-nation joint exercise conducted at JMTG-U

o validated the training and competence of all units participating in Rapid Trident

o SFC Able's experience and ability to work with other NATO countries and the Ukrainian Army restored an under-staffed Heavy Weapons section to FMC

o exceeded Course Standards in the Military Police Advanced Leaders Course and was recommended for OC/T duty

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