Observer Controller/Trainer (OC/T) NCOER Bullets

Senior OC/T

o guided the development of a Complex Attack scenario for an IED Event by using coordinated tactics; recognized as effective training and adopted as the Battalion Training Standard

o executed multiple missions in support of post mobilization training from XXXXXX to XXXXXX; supported the 844th, 877th, 112th, 368th, and 230th EN BN

o provided outstanding mentorship and training for the 1/34th HBCT and increased the safety, competence, and capabilities of over 400 Soldiers

o served as 2/337 Training Support Bn Lead OC/T for units deploying to Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan; prepared and delivered qualified Soldiers for deployment

o trained and qualified over 1,000 Soldiers in less than 6 months; ensured all training was accomplished to standard

o assessed daily operations in determining the effectiveness of post MOB training; facilitated continuous improvement

o embedded with unit to support pre-mobilization training; provided tailored, effective preparation for schedule deployment

o mobilized to Camp Atterbury, IN to PRT training and follow-up deployment

o validated the training and competence of all units participating in Rapid Trident

o SFC Able's experience and ability to work with other NATO countries and the Ukrainian Army restored an under-staffed Heavy Weapons section to FMC

o exceeded Course Standards in the Military Police Advanced Leaders Course and was recommended for OC/T duty

Observer Controller/Trainer (OC/T)

o served as an Embedded OC/T during an XCTC rotation; expertise in military tactics aided in shaping the proficiency of 1st platoon, Bravo Company of the 2-121 IN BN

o mentored and developed the Platoon Leader, Platoon Sergeant, and Squad Leaders continuously throughout the duration of the exercise

o demonstrated expertise in military tactics; military bearing, knowledge base, and professionalism is unmatched by any NCO I've encountered during this rotation

o proved the Army's objective T significance by certifying the first National Guard Brigade to deploy in 30 years

o selected above his peers to serve as Battalion NCOIC for the OC/T's participating in Rapid Trident, a multi-nation joint exercise conducted at JMTG-U

o planned staff rides to familiarize new personnel with a variety of units and capabilities; built unit cohesion

o took part in and supported an understaffed event; went above and beyond to support the unit and ensure mission success

o volunteered for a Artificial High Directional course; greatly expanded instructor capabilities and training ability

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