Painting NCOER Bullets

o accepted the position of head of the spray paint team; painted numerous spaces for a total of over 10,000 square feet cleaned prepped, and painted, saving $15,000 in contractor expenditures

o painted 17 600-gallon fuel tanks; prevented corrosion of $200,000 assets and ensured functionality and readiness for deployment

o aggressively upgraded a portable paint cart and paint gun cleaner, ensuring each was in compliance with Environmental Protection Agency standards

o her technical knowledge and endurance were vital in the efficient completion of over 860 corrosion control maintenance actions and more than 1,000 man-hours in direct support of 8 assigned C-130 aircraft

o completed exterior refurbish of 11 AGE units; sanded, primed, painted; sustained AGE fleet operation

o completed more than 1,000 maintenance actions including 14 critical phase inspections and over 200 paint/corrosion repairs, requiring over 2,200 man hours and 3 TDYs

o highly productive technician; played a key role in the expeditious and professional painting of the command's aircraft, producing impressive results, which bolstered Esprit de Corps throughout the squadron

o deployed for Cobra Gold 2012 where he helped place 3,000 sf of CMU block and painted 5,000 sf to build an elementary school in Chon Buri Province, Thailand

o contributed to the painting of the entire second deck and bulk heads in less than 30 days as a member of the paint team for Ready 7

o managed the painting of over 100 DIFM assets; items turned in serviceable, increased parts availability by 30%

o the only qualified corrosion control instructor Army- wide; provided local and forward deployed Corrosion Control and A/C Paint and Final Finish courses resulting in qualification of 77 Soldiers

o supervised and trained Soldiers on painting 32 aircraft wheels; flawless results reinstated $333K in vital warfighting assets

o refurbished 42 pieces of aerospace ground equipment; applied new paint and reduced corrosion potential by 50%

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