Pest Management/Entomologist NCOER Bullets

o deployed 180 days to Larissa Air Base, Hellenic Republic as the Lead Pest Manager for the AOR's fastest growing MQ-9 relocation; eradicated threat

o conducted pest management for over 1.5K acres on the installation; supported flying missions and operations for three Combatant Commands

o managed pest control and environmental operations for the $9M Base Operate and Support contract; protected 1,200 personnel, three Security Cooperation Organizations and a $90B international mission

o facilitated multiple wasp nest removal jobs post wide; removed 13 wasp nests from highly trafficked areas; eradicated future nesting and breeding areas and shielded 110 members from potential allergic reactions and infections

o led mosquito vector control and created surveillance program; larvicide 11 mosquito breeding sites, mitigated the second largest West Nile threat in the AOR

o launched Bird Air Strike Hazard (BASH) program; sprayed 150 gallons of herbicide to eliminate rodent nesting grounds; prevented 4 species from interfering with 214 sorties and protected 7 aircraft valued at $123M

o eliminated six beavers and two dams from JB Andrews; protected over $500K in PL2 assets from flood and lumber damage

o revised the Pest Management training schedule; ensured the shop was ready for contingency operations and short notice deployments

o performed vital termite treatment on three major facilities; saved $60M in structural repairs and added 10 years to building life

o eliminated roach infestation; performed mission with 30% pesticide reduction; fostered environmental stewardship

o serviced McConnell, Housing and Kansas Army National Guard; maintained 100% RWP on time completion rate

o resolved wildlife emergency; extracted possum on MAPA; averted mission delay and prevented a $153M catastrophe

o taught self-help home-use; trained 10% of residents; reduced errant use of in-home chemicals and heightened awareness

o coordinated the 150k pesticide application contract, oversaw the 3.2K acre bombing range herbicide mission to eradicate invasive plants; ensured compliance with the Noxious weed act

o treated 20K prairie dog mounds located on 1,900 acres of land that surround the flightline; protected $2B in aircraft assets from bird air strikes

o removed over 400 pigeons from a variety of roosts; protected 7K base populace from possible deadly diseases

o revised the Shipboard Pest Management Manual; provided the fleet with latest technological advances in pest management

o developed a checklist for utilizing pest surveillance and pesticide application equipment and techniques; ensured standardized procedures for the Navy and Marine Corps Health Center enterprise

o feral animal expert; organized basewide controls for wild animals on 22,000 acres; protected $4M in installation assets

o managed two million square yard airfield for weed control; supported BASH program and reduced bird strike mishaps by 35%

o applied 500 pounds of insecticide; covered six acres of playgrounds and ballfields for fire ant protection; ensured 300 children were safe from attack

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