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Military and Professional Bearing

o demonstrated the utmost in bearing and appearance; well-disciplined soldier

o set the example for subordinates and peers to emulate; outstanding professionalism

o provided exceptional example for soldiers; uniform and appearance always immaculate

o projected self-confidence and authority; exceptional role model who sets the example in physical fitness and wear of the uniform

o developed comprehensive Distinguished Visitor procedures which were adopted as unit standard; sustained heritage and tradition;

o acted with military bearing and professionalism consistently even in high stress situations

o represented the Help Desk competently; remained cool, calm, and collected even under stressful conditions

o embraced a level of military bearing and professionalism required for engagements within a Corps level headquarters

o exemplified adherence to standards through his appearance, demeanor, and actions; fostered organizational professionalism

o took pride in being a Soldier while earning respect from peers and subordinates

o represented the detachment in a professional manner; phone was never unattended and always answered before 3 rings

o volunteered to maintain building exterior, grounds, and parking lot; best appearance in years; weekly efforts lauded by CSM

o inspired self-improvement in subordinates through sterling personal example

o demonstrated loyalty to superiors, peers, and the unit daily; her enthusiastic work ethic inspired peers to emulate her example


o motivated Soldiers at all levels to excel and improve; outstanding example of leadership and physical fitness

o maintained a strong physical performance in all three categories of the APFT at all times, consistently chosen as a grader

o helped his clinic win the Commanders Trophy for APFT Excellence for the fourth consecutive cycle

o led squad to a 280 APFT average; took responsibility for subordinates' fitness

o implemented an innovative and demanding PT regimen; increased overall APFT score by 25 points

o integrated seven Soldiers into the THOR3 Program; his team scored over 80 points in each PT event

o exceeded standards while deployed as demonstrated by his APFT score of 290 and his commitment to physical fitness

o set the standard by leading physical fitness training during Battle Assembly

o commited himself to Soldier readiness; reduced platoon APFT failure percentage from 44% to 10%

o devoted to responsibilities; achieved 100% first time pass rate for platoon on APFT for two consecutive testing cycles

o competed in the Commander's Cup challenge, led his team to a first place finish in a 17-mile foot march while carrying over 50 pounds of equipment

o fierce competitor; Soldier's ambition is his greatest asset


o accepted duties that required authority above his pay grade; fearless Soldier, postured for advancement

o shouldered additional requirements despite vigorous OPTEMPO; demonstrated mental poise, calmness and physical endurance

o took charge of shop and performed day-to-day management without the visible support of HQ

o encouraged peers; possessed the confidence and mental toughness to sustain operations under all conditions

o ended bullying and out-of-control behavior; enforced standards and restored a professional and productive work environment

o briefed seniors, peers, and subordinates with confidence due to constant situational awareness and involvement in the mission; model soldier

o confronted any Soldier acting inappropriately; demonstrated maturity and personal courage

o identified inappropriate behavior and conducted on-the-spot counseling; confident leadership

o reported contractor who repeatedly slapped junior Soldiers in the head as "playful" correction; eliminated workplace stress and abuse

o demonstrated maturity and authority that far exceeded his rank; set a strong example for all soldiers to follow

o refused to ignore departure from standards and took action to restore order; demonstrated personal courage


o prepared section for unforeseen obstacles, delays, setbacks, and shortages; the definition of readiness

o set the example during Detachment stress shoot; displayed the physical stamina to go the distance on the battlefield

o adapted to changing situations; relied on by the unit for his technical expertise in completing tasks

o completed assignments and met mission requirements despite challenges of working at an outlying station; best example of resilience

o faced problems head on while working at a high OPTEMPO with less than 75% of authorized MTOE manning strength; unstoppable leadership

o kept a positive attitude and demonstrated pride in accomplishing the mission; always willing to assist peers and subordinates alike

o sustained a positive attitude despite a high OPTEMPO; unwavering support helped team exceed shipping goals

o cross-trained all team members on all positions; improved ability to recover and sustain operations around-the-clock

o demonstrated the stamina and will to continue when others stopped

o exhibited optimism and determination while attending advanced MOS training; optimized his time in school

o sustained an attitude of determination and optimism throughout challenging missions; led by example

o demonstrated endurance and motivation during 12+ hour days; inspired his subordinates and peers to do the same

o refused to back down from a challenge; assumed responsibility for new office, coached them to define their duties and over-delivered

o managed numerous tasks simultaneously; mentally tough and able to adapt to demands

o overcame his deficient areas; is mentally, physically and emotionally ready to lead in combat

o functioned well under stress; persevered and completed over 200 road clearance missions

o focused on requirements; sustained critical operations during the worst manning shortage in history

o showed stamina and endurance in completion of daily duties and missions

o searched for positive solutions to problems and maintained a positive attitude regardless of the situation

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