RTO and Radio Operator NCOER Bullets

o served as an RTO in PLT STX and LFX and monitored radio traffic; ensured maneuver forces had timely and accurate information at the TOC

o monitored radio traffic around the clock; vigilance played a vital role in and ensured the success of the platoon's mission set

o demonstrated technical expertise on the Advanced System Improvement Program (ASIP) radios; communications were a key factor in the mission

o best and most vigilant RTO to ever support the J-3 Tactical Operations Center

o relayed critical time-sensitive information to the Battle Captain within seconds; facilitated integrated, effective operations

o accepted responsibility for holding all classified tapes; facilitated secure comm while TDY

o maintained constant situational awareness and kept accurate and chronological radio-telephone operator logs

o constructed a field expedient antenna; enabled transmit and receive from the Company at any location on KTA

o reached nine line MEDVAC when the ANP commander was shot; crucial to first aid

o called up SITREP during the joint mission with ANA when the Pl radio failed; prevented impending ambush

o responsible; on own initiative, learned, operated, maintained, and repaired all radio systems in 2nd platoon

o comm expert; ensured the platoon was always able to communicate with the Troop TOC

o his methodical planning and preparation was key to the success of 28 missions

o vigilant and focused; monitored the radio alone, without distractions, all night; ensured vital support to squad

o assumed the duties of RTO; learned the duties of RTO in addition to own responsibilities

o assisted the platoon's radio communication needs whenever needed

o her vigilance and dedication to duty were a major factor to the success of the Brigade Tactical Operations Center

o updated the DCO with situational awareness of weather, LOGSTATS, PERSTAT, medical evacuation, and current operations

o maintained situational awareness; identified unauthorized traffic on main net and triangulated to find and eliminate jammer

o identified radio comm problems during checkout for both mounted and dismounted missions; prevented comm failures

o selected to man the Battalion Tactical Operations Center

o set up the Command Group and Division Staff TOC and configured and maintained the TACSAT Radio

o set up and monitiored the GRIPS system for Swift Response 2015 in Baumholder and Hohenfels

o helped TOC Staff with mission during the Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) deployment

o gained experience with latest Command and Control tools during TOC assignment

o furthered his education during his off time in order to enhance team capability

o enabled the section to stay on the brigade's network when other batteries lost comm

o used his own funds to keep all assigned radios operational

o helped set up and operate the AN-PRD 13 Basic Radio Detection Finding System

o intercepted enemy xmissions during the Battalion Combined Arms Exercise, aided in B Company success

o chosen over peers to be Primary RTO in the J-3 Tactical Operations Center

o relayed time-sensitive critical information to the Battle Captain and Battle NCO

o maintained constant situational awareness, kept Battle NCO apprised of changes

o kept comprehensive RTO logs; only operator to keep accurate log which proved vital in subsequent analysis

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