Receiving NCO NCOER Bullets

o processed over 10,000 parts while working the Receiving Section night shift; attention to detail reduced frustrated cargo by 90% for the upcoming deployment

o supervised 7 Soldiers in the receiving and storing of 360 lines of ASL; ensured procedural accuracy in using the Standard Army Retail Supply System-Objective (SARSS-O)

o organized Arms Room operations of TPE weapons; facilitated the turn-in and shipment of over $5,000,000 worth of weapons and contributed to a successful draw down in Iraq

o provided continuity between two Air Force squadrons for daily convoy operations and processing equipment into and out of the yard; facilitated seamless joint operations

o worked with the civilian contractors, CECOM, and TACOM to ensure Army equipment was processed and transferred with 100% accuracy from retail back into the Army wholesale system

o ensured equipment was accurately transferred from retail back into the Army wholesale system; enabled view of Theater Provided Equipment (TPE) assets and reissue to the war fighter

o processed over 15,000 parts while working in the Receiving Section; managed the deletion of 600 lines of Authorized Stockage List (ASL) during the ASL review board

o served as Turn-In NCOIC and Receiving NCOIC; sustained critical operations despite a 50% reduction in manning

o received and shipped over 12,000 pieces of Class VII non-rolling stock and over 1,500 rolling-stock pieces, totaling in excess of $500,000,000

o routed and delivered equipment to shifting destinations; recognized by 2/402nd AFSB Army Material Command and 660th Movement Control Team Multi National Corps Iraq

o served as the Battalion S4 for three months during the deployment; accomplished the closeout of all Class, I, II, IX accounts and the turn in of the facilities in Kuwait

o processed over $200,000 worth of Class II and IX parts while working in the Receiving Section; ensured parts were distributed within the 24-hour time limit required to meet DA Standards

o oversaw the logistical setup to include the Field Ordering Officer (FOO) and Army Direct Ordering (ADO) operations; established effective supply chains

o served as Storage and Receiving NCOIC of a Forward Support Battalion Class IX warehouse; supported 22 combat maneuver units of 2nd Brigade 1st Infantry Division in the ROK

o ensured over 50 Theatre Property Equipment (TPE) lateral transfer directives were complete prior to the drawdown; supported enhanced Combat Aviation Brigade (eCAB) ops

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