Seal Control Program NCOER Bullets

o oversaw Unit's Seal Control Program; strict security and attention to detail ensured orderly use of seals; reduced unauthorized access by 50%

o demonstrated expertise as Screener, leading unit's seal control program; enhanced coordination with airlines and caterers, optimizing cross-communication

o utilized box car seals to enforce security and provide secondary classification of cargo; eliminated accidental exposure to hazardous cargo

o spearheaded unit's seal control program; facilitated seamless communication with multiple entities, streamlining operations and improving coordination

o kept meticulous records of all shipments; logs provide historical record of all shipments and content; reduced delays and improved transportation routing

o excelled as Screener, overseeing unit's seal control program; fostered collaboration with airlines and caterers, enhancing cross-communication and operational efficiency

o implemented metal seals to prevent access to vehicles and aircraft after completed tests; preserved system integrity and increased confidence in aircraft and equipment readiness

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