Shop Foreman NCOER Bullets

o restored, using local parts and maintenance, the 24-hour operation of the D.R.A.S.H. power units, our top maintenance priority in support of the DCP

o prepared the maintenance platoon for annual training

o took immediate action and provided direction when movement orders were received

o provided technical guidance to subordinates performing field and sustainment maintenance on 50 equipment items

o established maintenance priorities and work schedules; balanced expertise and experience across all shifts

o supervised work flow and monitored repair procedures and reliability; identified training deficiencies

o supervised 17 soldiers and 3 NCOs during shop operations, support maintenance job orders, and safety

o balanced professional development training with shop workload; all Soldiers competitive

o evaluated serviceability and disposition of defective assemblies and subassemblies; reduced unnecessary parts orders by 40%

o maintained accountability of and preserved MTOE property valued at over $500,000

o managed three different sections of maintenance: service, 3rd shop support and recovery

o oversaw the completion of over 260 services, handled recovery for both military and TMP vehicles

o filled in as Shop Foreman for eight months, maintained more than 300 equipment items and a 98% readiness rate for the Battalion

o ensured service parts were properly ordered, stored and efficiently distributed

o maintained detailed records of parts ordered; identified trends that indicated maintenance training problems

o stood up the deployment and operation of mobile facilities in combat and training environments

o managed maintenance, service, shop support and recovery sections, the job of three NCOICs

o prioritized DS/GS work orders; reduced mx delays for mission-essential equipment by 50%

o provided recovery support for 4 companies owning over 200 wheeled vehicles, trailers and power generation equipment

o tracked scheduled and unscheduled services and the installation and rate of use of repair parts

o organized Foward Repair System (FRS); expanded and projected maintenance capabilities

o emphasized shop safety and the mandatory use of TMs

o ensured the training, readiness and professional developement of 5 NCOs and 16 Soldiers

o trained and qualified eight mechanics in shop operations and preventive maintenance

o served as POC and liaison for a field contact team that provided 24-hour service during the CSTX

o successfully deployed mechanics and equipment to support the mission

o assumed the next level of responsibility for maintenance support during all stages of annual training

o enabled the use of all equipment for full extent of training for three companies

o managed 14 Soldiers at two training sites

o maintained the wheeled and tracked assets of three companies

o maintained accountability of assigned vehicles and equipment valued in excess of $2 million dollars

o supervised the maintenance and repair of 28 wheeled vehicles and 1 tracked vehicle

o provided round-the-clock service for the battalion's fleet of vehicles and kept them fully mission capable

o provided scheduled and unscheduled field level maintenance and logostical support for 44 Stryker Combat Vehicles and 19 HMMWV's

o played a vital role in HHT/RTS/278 vehicle and equipment readiness during Annual Training at Camp Shelby

o supervised and assisted in over 20 critical annual and semi-annual services on equipment

o sustained readiness rating of over 90% throughout Annual Training and beyond

o provided Direct Support Maintenance of small arms, fire control and artillery equipment for three Infantry Battalions and one Calvary Squadron

o responsible for the serviceability and accountability of four shop sets, four electronic shelters and two generators valued in excess of $120,000.

o supervised and trained soldiers on repair and modification of data devices, single channel radios, night vision sights and other special electronic devices


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