Reports and Suspenses NCOER Bullets

o reviewed and revised the Soldier accountability and reporting system in order to ensure accurate accounting

o maintained 100% accountability of all visitors, vendors, and service providers to the battalion; increased security by 30%

o processed required administrative paperwork, during on-going operations, resulting in the promotion of his fellow Soldiers

o accounted for and reported for 120 Soldiers, twice daily, in a timely and accurate manner, garnered recognition from the Battalion SGM

o submitted weekly reports and conducted weekly command teleconferences which corrected a long-standing intel void

o stepped up to the next level by assuming responsibility for daily sensitive item reports in the absence of his Team Leader

o updated DCO and provided situational awareness on weather, LOGSTATS, PERSTAT, medical evacuation status, and ongoing operations

o submitted accurate RAMS reports weekly and on time every time; provided real-time visibility into defense readiness

o tracked the daily movement of 155 Soldiers and provided 100% accurate accountability reporting to the Battalion S1

o his attention to detail and expert knowledge in reporting has been a tremendous asset to the organization

o mastered the JPERSTAT accounting for over 1,000 personnel and often trained subordinate battalion S1s on how to properly report their personnel

o provided daily readiness reports (PERSTAT) that could be depended on for critical readiness planning

o distributed real-time strength reports to leadership; provided the information necessary for critical command decisions

o took the initiative to take over the Battalion Strength Report (BSR) and assist in the tracking for over 500 personnel for the 2nd Battalion while assigned to the S1

o executed all the required logistical preparations and reporting of all logistical statuses to include accounting for 125 weapons

o accurately handled all headcount requirements for 88 Soldiers at all unit meals; ensured accurate accounting and adequate support of troops

o devoted all time and effort to develop briefing and tracking aids to support accurate and timely reporting and tracking of personnel, equipment and supplies across 4 separate operational locations

o revised, consolidated, and executed Soldier outprocessing procedures in order to ensure accurate accounting

o trained her Jordanian counterparts on map reading and collection/report management which enhanced overall situational awareness and reporting

o provided sound counsel to senior Tactical Operation Center personnel on all matters concerning battlefield reporting, surveillance operations, and equipment management

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