Supply NCO NCOER Bullets

o ensured that all equipment was inventoried and all shortages were identified and put on order; foresight and attention to detail sustained mission readiness

o ensured all new equipment was identified and signed for more than 29 pieces of gear valued at more than $30,000; forensic accounting prevented future equipment shortages

o executed assigned and implied tasks without supervision, including transport of 113 pieces of equipment to new arms and supply rooms with zero losses

o briefed the CSB to the ASG-KU Commander and several key leaders; provided vital contract oversight information

o completed Army Prepositioned Stock (APS) inventories; facilitated 100% accountability and equipment inventory accuracy in the hand-off to 8th TSC

o prepared 385 pieces of organic and ASP-3 equipment; expedited the departure for the Philippines and Hawaii and enabled vessel upload within 48 hours

o initiated the reconciliation of shortages totaling $21,500 on his derivative UIC primary hand receipt; relieved the unit from responsibility for equipment transferred to 8th TSC

o maintained 100% accountability of the commander's property at all times; improved resource availability and response time

o developed several automated solutions; increased precision and accuracy while reducing the man-hours required for Equipment On-Hand and Equipment Readiness reporting for USR and Training Support Request Management

o processed over 2,500 unserviceable repairable Class IX items for return to the Army's supply system; saved the Army over 7,000,000 dollars in return credit

o managed the entire FD budget, accounted for over $900K spent; maintained flawless bookeeping and records

o researched and verified supply requirements; kept section up-to-date on Supply requirements; postured unit for successful operations

o forecasted material requirements, acquired needed supplies; foresight resulted in alert facility maintaining enough bench stock and supplies that lasted during recent budget crisis

o demonstrated exceptional MOS competence; managed three Property Book Hand Receipts and 25 sub-hand receipt Holders for equipment valued at over $20 million

o maintained supply records IAW applicable regulations, resulting in a complete accountablity of supplies and equipment

o inventoried and distributed property valued at $50,000; zero loss of the commander's organizational property

o collected, consolidated, and analyzed maintenance and readiness data utilizing automated systems; determined specific unit equipment readiness posture

o resourced 2,550 cases of water for five base camps; supplied critical life support to over 20,000 Soldiers for joint operations

o maintained property book records comprised of military and commercial Class VII equipment worth over $1,000,000; ensured operational capability at all times

o scheduled and arranged the safe transportation of crew-served weapons to Camp Phoenix for technical and acceptance inspection; sustained unit readiness

o restructured the Retrograde Inspection Checklist; enforced 100% compliance with the PWS

o supervised the turn-in of 200 containers during ONN; returned $5,300,000 to the Army supply system

o fielded 3 million dollars of force modification equipment; raised the unit's supply readiness level by 37%

o maintained strict accountability of over $200,000 of equipment and supplies; reduced waste by 40% and boosted other unit budgets

o arranged billeting, linen, transportation, meals, and supplies throughout duration of the mission; ensured no lapse in support

o identified and arranged turn-in of 123 pieces of excess property book equipment; reduced the unit's property footprint by 123 items worth more than $200,000 dollars

o flagged and turned in excess equipment in the unit's Maintenance Expenditure Limits (MEL); significantly reduced equipment downtime and kept the motorpool above 95% readiness rate throughout the deployment

o as Air Cell Passenger Team for Special Joint Operations Task Force-Somalia, submitted 165 transportation support requests for the movement of 188 passengers

o advised three Officers and one senior NCO on seven major logistic platforms, including PBUSE, SAMS-E and LOGSA; streamlined logistic planning

o maintained forensic oversight of accountable equipment; had zero FLIPLs over the course of three Change of Commands and two deployments

o coordinated the redeployment of 1,100 personnel and their equipment from Iraq to the US; preparation and competent follow-up ensured no losses

o coordinated with leadership to prioritize COEI shortages and filled 1,234 shortages; resulted in improved company capabilities

o managed the company budget, created a system to prioritized COEI shortages, and filled 6,494.60 of shortages; resulted in improved company capabilities

o rebuilt over 20 component listing documents in the PBUSE system; increased the unit's ability to accurately recognize and fill shortages

o inspected and laterally transfered crew-served weapons and ammunition to unit property book with zero deficiencies

o accounted for 100% of all SSA supply requisitions; earned a commendable rating as a result of his strict adherence of the CSDP

o implemented a successful Command Supply Discipline Program (CSDP); trained all supply personnel; reduced losses of government property by 50%

o researched and determined proper disposition of excess material; cleared account of accumulated material and reclaimed $500,000 in maintenance funds

o processed receipts and order cancellations; resulted in the most accurate accountability of excess equipment in 5 years

o analyzed statistical data and created briefings for superiors; identified trends, conformance with standards, and efficiency of operations

o maintained accountability of 1,383 items of organizational equipment valued in excess $5 million during the ITC with zero losses or discrepancies

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