Targeting NCO NCOER Bullets

o gathered valuable targeting information and provided the information to the rear JTAC; resulted in a B-1B engaging the enemy and destroying an enemy fighting position

o provided accurate and timely targeting data to the JTAC; facilitated the destruction of a bunker system and prompted a cease fire for the next three days

o joined the COP Edgerton Base Expeditionary Targeting and Surveillance System-Combined (BETSS-C) tower operating crew; ensured the $1.5M system was continuously operational

o integrated complex information and implemented innovative solutions in the pursuit of high-value targets; enabled efficient, comprehensive, and continuous targeting of extremist leaders

o leveraged his experience to identify the highest priority targets for his mission team and intelligence partners; optimized use and effects of limited munitions

o produced 39 products in support of the commander's intent; clarified rules of engagement and streamlined targeting protocols

o facilitated Information Dissemination Operations training for the Iraqi Security Forces; improved the effectiveness of joint operations

o assisted with the turn-in of excess gear in accordance with the RDoF; poised unit for an orderly withdrawal

o detected, tracked, and reported 63 tracks and a JSTARS record of all 63 tracks cross-cued by other air assets in one sortie, multiplying the effectiveness of the mission

o supported 135 sorties of Air Interdiction and Close Air Support and managed division airspace to facilitate 233 fire missions, accomplishing the Division's targeting objectives

o executed the duties of four positions in the Joint Air Ground Integration Cell; exceeded expectations while meeting all four stations' objectives

o integrated joint fires and employment of Air Force capabilities; multiplied the success and effectiveness of the Command Post Exercise and the unit's training objectives

o provided ISR for SOF HVI takedown as JSTARS Airborne Targeting Surveillance Supervisor; extended six hours on-station for a total of 12 hours to accomplish the mission

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